Friday, December 19, 2014

Fall Collection: NAUGHTYcal

I always love anchors and nautical themes. It gives me an imagination on sailing on seas.
Setting sails. Windy day. Curves of the waves. Whispers of the sea.
Crystal water. Pastel sky. Fluffy Clouds.
I want to travel the oceans and see the beauty beneath the sea.

On my two fall outfits, it looks heavy and dull because of the dark colors I pick. To make my collection not too lame, I added a little bright colors.
Isn't white and navy blue looks pleasing and relaxing?

What I Wear:
Anchor Top
Navy Skirt
Gray Coat: ROXY
Ankle Boots: Call It Spring
Gold Chain Necklace: Uno Shoffe

The Anchor print Top was a Christmas gift given by the sister of my ex-boyfriend. Actually its pretty long and the texture is like denim. Since it's an anchor theme, I paired it with my plaid skirt from an online shop I thrifted. It's soft and fits perfectly to me. For cold days, sure you'll be freezing so I thought of putting a coat. A gray coat would be nice, it can match the colors because putting black coat is too mainstream. I love accessories! I spend some of my savings for accessories. Huge rings and choker necklaces are my thing. The necklace is a lightweight material, I got it from a trust worthy seller Uno Shoffe. And lastly, girls always have something for their feet. I wear this black suede ankle boots my auntie gave me. 
So what do you think? 

Uying Photoworks 
(Look for him at:

Kalayaan, Subic BayFreeport Zone, Philippines

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  1. Love your outfit!

    Stay gorgeous, lady.. :)

  2. Magandang print, subtle yet striking.

  3. Nice shades and outfit. Haha sana mga babae sa probinsya namin magsuot din ng ganyan. Haha

    Cheers! :)

  4. Great fashion sense as usual. What I love the most are the accessories. Details count when it comes to clothes.

  5. Nice outfit..Kaya pala, "NAUGHTYcal" kasi "angkla" ng barko ung print ng shirt mo. di ko agad napansin nung una.lolz. :P

  6. It is quite difficult to pull of. But you did great.

  7. Still awesome! :)

  8. Blue colors! I wonder what brand is your shades? :)

  9. Navy blue colors really look relaxing for me. You out a blend of white and that will remind me of a wide scene called ocean. Don't take it literally though.

  10. I love that gold necklace & your cocktail ring!

  11. I like your outfit without the gray coat, just the sleeveless and the skirt.


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