Thursday, November 28, 2013


Another late POST!
Sorry pretties, I've been busy in school lately :*
To keep it up with you, here's my post!

Had this OOTD during Nov. 1 where we visit my Grandmother's grave.
Ince the place is calm and windy the denim is perfect for the chill afternoon. 

Prime Garden Memorial is a new memorial here in our place and this place is breath taking because of the view. It is located at a mountain which they renovated. It is calm and windy and peaceful. 

I really do miss my grandma. I don't have hugs and kisses from her anymore :"<
So we visit her today.

Been playing around that time with my sisters and cousins that's why I look so haggard in the pictures.

Meet the people behind the camera! Aren't they pretty?
From left to right: Biance (cousin), Alyssa (my sister), and me.

What I wear is just simple and quick ootd.
Here's the OOTD:

Got that preloved thorn bracelet from Verity Onlineshoppe
Bracelet from my dearly beloved father
watch from SWATCH
Bosslun oxford messenger bag from Ali Express
Diamond Earring from Fudge Rock

Thrifted this denim longsleeve from an online shop: HM Closet

My slim converse from my sister :)
Sorry it's dirty that time.

Dopin' around XD

with my lovable auntie :)

Sometimes stolen pictures are great and some are worse. haha

I remember grandma told me to smile whenever.
 Either your down, sick, or getting a hard day.
Smiling will give you good karma!

"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray." -Lord Byron

Until next time babies :*


Thank God it's Friday but I'm currently sick. bohoo!
I'm stuck up in my room, 
laying in bed,
watching a movie,
drinking a lots of movie,
and need to take medicine.
Later on I will be sleeping due to the effect of the medicine.

But before that I'm thinking on posting the songs I'm listening.
So here's a track of Boyce Avenue:

1. On My Way
by Boyce Avenue

2. Broken Angel
by Boyce Avenue

3.  Find Me
by Boyce Avenue

This is one of my favorite song from Boyce Avenue!

4. One Life
by Boyce Avenue and Friends

5. Dare To Believe
by Boyce Avenue

6.  Stay
by Rihanna ft Mikky Ekko

7. Somebody That I Used To Know
by Gotye ft. Kimbra

8. We Are Never Getting Back Together
by Taylor Swift

9. She Will Be Loved
by Maroon 5

10.  A Thousand Years
by Christina Perri

I'm not a huge fan of Boyce Avenue but I like their songs.
Hope you guys enjoy the music.
Until next time :*

Monday, November 18, 2013


I just want to make this post to thank the two people who inspires me all through out.
Since I saw them blogging and posting pictures, I was enlighten and been their fan.
And that's the time, I realize I want to make something like them.
They really do inspire me a lot and they encourage me to let myself a try on what I really like.
And that's the reason I do have a blog now.

1. Cherrish Joy Feliminiano
I do remember I always saw ate Che in our school. I think i'm still in my senior year that time.
She's pretty and stunning. You can see the way she styles up.
Then I saw her page and there she blogs her styles. I really admire her because of her uniqueness.
She's the only person I know here in our place that do blogging.
I also buy some of her clothes when she sells them.
She's really kind and open-minded.
When you talk to her or ask her questions, she never hesitates to answer them kindly.

Some of her looks that I really love.

Follow and support her:


2. Jacqueline Perez

When me and my friends started having our online shop: BNF'S COUTURE (check our shop guys. I sell my DIY shorts that I blog here).
One of my friend I think liked her page: JACQUI PEREZ
Then I scan her page and found it so awesome.
And after that I check her pictures and been inspired by her styles.
I even won on one of her giveaway. I'm so lucky I got a price.
I do love it!
She's very kind and easy to approach.
When you talk to her you'll be happy because she's so humble.

Here's some of her looks I really do love.

Follow and support her:


They teach me how to have courage and do what I really love the most. You can't imagine that these two pretties are mommies already? Yes they're moms already but they never let it as an excuse to stop doing fashion.

THANKS miss Jacqui and ate Che <3