Thursday, February 27, 2014

Magenta® Wired Intraoral Camera MD750+MD370 USB & VIDEO

Hello guys.

I'm here again for another product review.
All reviews I'm gonna make is about Aidentist.
Check my past post about this site.

Now let's go back to the topic.

Another product about Aidentist's Intraoral Cameras.

Here's the:

Magenta® Wired Intraoral Camera MD750+MD370 USB & VIDEO

(click this: LINK)

It is quite affordable now because they lessen the price from £253.58 to
They really give the costumers cheaper price but high quality products.

What is this product by the way?
Well as you can see this is an Intraoral Camera comes with USB & VIDEO.
It is not wireless and without built in camera in it.

To check for further explanation about this product.

Here's the features and specification of the product that Aidentist shows us.


1. With quickly deleted image, re-captured,e nlarge function
2. Single images screen and 4 images intersected screen can be changed to each other
3. Can be saved 28*4 pieces pictures totally
4. With specific remote control
5. Support handpiece and footplate function
6. With multi-functional button on the dental intraoral camera
7. With multi-functional of image signal output
8. Up and down page can be controlled by the button of handpiece
9. It can be connected with external infrared sensor without any fail


Image sensor:1/4 Sony CCD
Image resolutuon:2.0 mega pixels
Video output: USB/VGA/Video/S-video
Lamp: 6pcs white LED(5600k)
Accumulation point:5mm-50mm
Photographing visual angle:70°
Signal format: NTS/PAL(option)
Handpiece weight: 42g
Power input: DC5V (250mA)

This product is very easy to use and offers you a lots of functions.
Its specifications are really great.
What I want in this product, it has this external infared sensor.
Cool isn't it?

I hope this helps you again guys.
Two more upcoming reviews about Aidentist's Intraoral Cameras.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MLG ® WIFI Intraoral Camera M-958A 15 inch LCD 1/4 SONY CCD

Hey guys. 
Here's another review for our topic:
AIDENTIST's "Intraoral Cameras"

Last time I post a review about the 
(just click the link)

I also tells you what Intraoral Camera is and how do dental practitioners use it.
Now I'm going to share another type of Intraoral Camera.
Here's the
(click the link)

What is this material?
How does it work?
Here's the features about this product.

1. New model of 1/4 SONY CCD high resolution intra oral camera connect 15 inch LCD screen. 
2. LCD screen plus tempered glass.
3. 15 inch LCD can freely adjust contrast, lightness and color;
4. With high resolution, high performance and auto focus.
5. Built-in 6pcs high brightness long-lift white LED, and the cable is 2M.
6. The front five control buttons: Freeze, Save, Previous image, Next image, Delete, and the reverse side control buttons: Freeze and Save.
7.Using the latest technology that can save 9999 pcs images through the U-disk, the images can be permanently stored.
8. Full, quad and nine images, can compare in different angles, two kinds of capture angles, display the clear images.
9. With the recording function and the video storage capacity according to the U-disk.
10.WIFI output function and Multifunctional input: Video , USB, VGA, HDMI.
11. Multimedia features make the display superior performance , can be directly connected to the MP3, U-disk and other electronic equipment. Play movies, musics and files in JPG format.
12. Multi-media make LCD play movie, music and files in JPG forma
13. Multi-language:  English, Spainish, Deutsch, Portuguese, Arabic language and so on.
14. Suitable for PAL and NTSC systems.
15. Can match with 2.5 inch small LCD for optional.
16. The optional of WI-FI device can save and transmission the images in mobile phones, tablet computers, and the computer at the same time. 

 (See more at:

Can you just imagine?
This produuct is really helpful for dentists out there.
Just like the wireless hand held intraoral Camera with small LCD monitor CF-988, this product also offers you a high quality perfomance and great specifications.
But the difference is that this product has a larger LCD monitor that can give you clearer and larger picture rather than the wireless hand held with small lcd monitor.
It's LCD is also serves you a lot of good features.
And the most interesting in this product: it has a WIFI device on it.
It can easily transfer images to the gadgets at the same time.
No more wires or usb connection required.

Hope this is another helpful review for you guys :)
Visit Aidentist for more dental products.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wireless Hand Held Intraoral Camera with Small LCD Monitor CF-988

Hey Guys!
I'm back for another review.
Remember my post about Aidentist? If you haven't read it yet.
Check here --> Dental Equipments

We now know that AIDENTIST serves us a large selection of dental equipments.
All of their products are guaranteed with high quality, free shipping, and affordable price.
Now let me show you their products.
If you're a dental practitioner this is very helpful for you.
Aidentist offers you several models of INTRAORAL CAMERAS.

(credit to the owner of the picture)

Click the link to see the different models and types of Intraoral Cameras: 

What is Intraoral Camera?
How does it work?
Well, I searched about this product and remember that my dentist use this thing.

To see the image inside our mouth, dentists use xrays to provide information that we can't get from any other equipment; but it can't show you everything.
So they create Intraoral cameras that allows us to see what's inside our mouth.
Yes, even the patients see their teeths and how do it looks like inside.
It is a handpiece resembles the size of an oversized pens with a built-in light source and serves a small camera that allows us to see our gum or tooth.
While lying their, the dentist inserts the camera into the patient's mouth and moves it in different angles.
With the use of the computer monitor, the patient is able to see the problems in their teeth.

One type of Intraoral camera they offer is the
Wireless Hand-held Intraoral Camera with Small LCD Monitor CF-988

Click the link below to see the product: 

This is a wireless hand-held intraoral camera. 
It got a great features like, it has a lightweight design which  is comfortable to hold and easy to use.
It has1/4” Sony Super HAD CCD.
It offers high resolution, high performance, and high sensitivity.
Its built-in 6 pieces of white LED light source provides reliable, long-life illumination for clearer image of the teeth. Compact in size and shows high resolution of image for a better view.

This product also offers you a great package.
It includes the following:

Camera x1
Camera Cable x1
Camera Sheaths x1
Disk x1
Docking station x1
Wireless Transmitter x1
Wireless Receiver x1
Pedal x1
Hand piece Holder x1
Small LCD monitor M-88 x1

Isn't it great?
By using this wireless hand held intraoral camera product, your work will be a lot more easier.
And it is very useful and easy to use.
This also helps patients to understand the problem in their teeth and they will know what to do about it.

Hope this helps you understand this product.
More reviews soon.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dental Equipments?

Are you a dentist? 
Or a dentistry student ?
A dentist should have a complete equipment for its dental operation right?
But as we all know, dental products are quite expensive.
Don't worry, I found a site which offers affordable supplies so you can save more.
Here's a perfect site for you guys to look for your dental supplies.

What is Aidentist?

Aidentist is an online shop where you can find many products about dentistry.
It is a susidiary of AHAISHOPPING, a high fashion online store.
It gives you a wide range of choice for dental supply and equipment.
Besides from having great number of supplies, it gives you a high quality shopping platform.
Their equipments are also cheap,unlike others that gives you pain in your pocket,
yet it has a great quality.

They have an international security electronic trading platform. 
And guess what?
All products purchased in Aidentist has 3-12 months warranty.
Isn't that a great advantage for the dentist?
If they're also not satisfied with the product, Aidentist will 100% return it.

They also have great team.
All of its members were highly trained.
And got a friendly customer service.

Check out their site and you will be interested looking for their products.
They have an organize page where you can easily find what you want.
They label everything and gives you already the information on a certain product.

This is really a great opportunity for dentist out there.
I might tell and share this to my dentist.
What are you waiting for?
Grab a look at their products.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Just sharing my travels I loved the most.

(Travelling with my boyfriend's representative since he's not coming in this vacation.)

This happens last year when my father came home from abroad.
He usually come hope in August-November. 
Last year, 2013, he came home in May and it is a perfect time for a vacation.
We all decided to go and discover the beauty of ILOCOS, PHILIPIINES.

I do love traveling but before going out of the country I really do want to discover PHILIPPINE's beauty.

First Stop: VIGAN CITY

What is about Vigan City that capture my eyes?
Here's some information about Vigan's history:

"Vigan is an island, which used to be detached from the mainland by three rivers - the great Abra River, the Mestizo River and the Govantes River. It is unique among the Philippine towns because it is the country’s most extensive and only surviving historic city that dates back to the 16th century Spanish colonial period.
Vigan was an important coastal trading post in pre-colonial times. Long before the Spanish galleons, Chinese junks sailing from the South China Sea came to Isla de Bigan through the Mestizo River that surrounded the island. On board were sea-faring merchants that came to barter exotic goods from Asian kingdoms in exchange for gold, beeswax and other mountain products brought down by natives from the Cordilleras. Immigrants, mostly Chinese, settled in Vigan, intermarried with the natives and started the multi-cultural bloodline of the Bigueños."

After long hours of driving, sleeping, and chatting.
We reached ILOCOS SUR!

Vigan is a nice place. When you step here you can see its history easily.
The ruins and remains of Spanish colonial is restored.
You can see that Vigan is a busy place.
Lots of tourist come here and enjoy the views.

When we arrived at Vigan, we don't know where to go or what place to stay.
We are all too excited for this trip and forgot to search and book a room for hotels.
And it's summer, all of the hotels are full and accommodated.
So with the help of my phone's GPS, we just take a tour first in the whole area of Vigan.
(GPS is really useful.)
We stopped in some of comfy and affordable hotels.
I love the ambiance of a country style hotel.
I don't know I just feel home with that ambiance.

With so many turns, stop overs, sight seeing and travel.
We ended up staying at EL JULIANA HOTEL.

El Juliana Hotel
Liberation Blvd, Vigan City, Philippines ‎
+63 77 722 2994 ‎

The hotel is affordable and they got a pool.
The interior of the hotel is quite catchy because it gives you the feeling of being in prehistoric times.
What I love the most is the old piano.
We tried playing it and the music is still great.
El Juliana is a comfy place and near the most famous street in Vigan.


Mestizo District is one of the major attraction in the city of Vigan.
It is a four blocks of cobblestone streets lined with heritage houses of the families of the Filipino-Chinese traders who rose to prominence during that time of vigorous trading in abel cloth, indigo, gold, tobacco and other goods that were transported to Vigan from all over the North. 
This district is closed for vehicles due to the preservation of the place.
It is filled with Spanish-style houses. The houses are simple and gives you a perfect picture.
It assembles thick wooden walls, huge doors, high ceilings, and capiz shells windows.

A walk through the district is really breath-taking and enjoying.
You can find lots of stores or shops for souvenir's and Vigan's finest delicacies.

I really love the vintage times.
Look at that creative signs and walls.
It really tells us a story.

Kalesa riding is also famous here in Vigan.
You can tour different attractions in Vigan by riding the kalesa.
It is fun seriously!

Taking pictures with the "kalesa". The horse looks tired.
Left to right: Nicole (cousin), me, and my sisters; Charlene & Alyssa

This door is really huge and I think it's heavy. It's great for photoshooting right?

 Can I take this home? You can spot lots of furniture like this outside the shops in Calle Crisologo.
You can sit and take pictures.

Calle Crisologo is much better in night time.
The lights in this streets are all light up and extremely gorgeous!
I appreciated it more in night time.

What are you waiting for ?
Vigan is really a pride of Ilocos.

Check out for the part 2 of my Vigan adventure on my next post :)