Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Travel Must-Haves!

Christmas is done, only a few hours we'll be welcoming new year.
As we all know that this is also the time where we gather with our relatives. Some go back to their hometown, or go to a vacation. Since its also a time where lots of people are traveling, terminals and transportation are way too crowded. 

If you'll travel, here are some of tips and guide on your tour:


Isn't it fun to travel with someone accompanying you? Some may be comfortable alone but for me, I enjoy travelling with a huge company. The more the merrier.
Travel with the people you're comfortable and with the same interest. And people where you can share new found places, memories, and laughter.


Where to go? What place suits the best for this occasion? Before going out on a trip, make sure you know where you really want to go. Make a list on the spots you want to visit. Most important thing is to place a reservation on the hotel you'll be staying. Check in on a hotel where near the tourist spots. Try also searching for restaurants, or cafes, you want to try. It's hard to go to a place without even having a background or knowledge about it. It's better if you've searched for that place so you'll be familiarized with it. And by listing where to go will reduce some time being waste.


Traveling must be easy if their's no hassle in transportation. Some might find it easy when travelling with their own vehicle, some use the public transportation. When you'll have your own vehicle, be sure to know the route. Prepare a map or GPS to help you find the right way easily.
If you'll be travelling with public transportation, make sure to know the time of departure and buy a ticket early as possible. Be alert in your surroundings too so you know that you'll be safe especially with your baggage. Ensure the important things in your hand carry bag.

As you land to the airport or your destination, It is hard to travel on public transportation. I might share some suggestion so your travel would be easy. Why not try renting a car? RelayRides can offer you an affordable car to rent.

RelayRides is a peer-to-peer car rentals and car sharing marketplace. It allows private car-owners to rent out their vehicles via an online interface. Car owners can set their own prices, and the company takes 25%. Enjoy better selection and lower prices by renting from a local.

Heard about airport parkings and airport rentals? 
RelayRides have a growing airport rentals to help people both make and save money while traveling.
Many are not aware of the growing sharing economy that is around us and how it is helping to revolutionize travel.  If you're interested check on their site: RelayRides


Isn't it stressful to bring loads of things while travelling? YES. If I were you, I will only bring things I really needed on my trip.

a. Money- you can't go without this. This is the most important thing of all.
b. PASSPORT (if going out of the country)

c. IDs (just in case of needed 'cause we never know.)

Map is indeed important. It is a huge help especially when you're new to the place. You might get lost, but you've got a map and just check where you are. Always remember where you're staying and the place where you are going.

Capturing the best memories on this trip is worth it. You need to take shots of this one time event in your life. Since I love taking pictures, I never forget to bring my cammy. We keep memories together.

Makes sure to bring clothes that will suits the event or tour you'll be going. Wear comfy clothes and light weight materials. Make sure to prepare what outfit you'll be wearing on the days you'll be travelling. Bring some extra clothes too.





These are some of the tips I can share. Wear anything as long as you are comfortable with it. But at the end,the most important things when travelling is to enjoy every single moment of it.

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