Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fall Collection: Corpo Chic

What I Wear:
Black Coat: M Collection
Dress: XXI
Lita Boots: thrifted @kuripotqueen

Outfit number 2. Sorry for being MIA again, I've been terribly busy and stressed out in my school projects. Creating and designing floor plans kill me!
Luckily, Christmas break is near but need to rush some unfinished business in school.

On my last post, I showed you the first outfit in the Fall Style Challenge. So now I'm showing a different look.
This look is all about corporate or formal outfit, complimenting one of the Bonobos' Men Suit.
I wear a  tube dress with thick fabric but smooth in skin. It has a long fabric to knot it at the back but I prefer to change it and put a style on knotting. Added a lightweight black coat and black stockings.
To make me look taller since I'm small, I put on my favorite Lita boots I got from a thriftshop.
I also wear my "no lens" glasses. And spice it with my white stone necklace.
So what do you think guys?

Uying Photoworks 
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Kalayaan, Subic BayFreeport Zone, Philippines

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  1. Very chic and pretty doll. Lovely outfit.

  2. The hair is so love and so gorgeous-laiza

  3. Like the outfit as a whole and the styling. Can be corporate, but not formal. Love them boots!

  4. Nice outfit! My previous work has a policy about skirts shorter than knee length. Very prude. Haha!

  5. Oh, my... okay, I just ran out of words.

    Well, that indeed made you look tall though.

  6. Nice. I really like stockings under dresses, very new york posh


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