Monday, October 28, 2013


Heyya ladies! Check this new short I made! SUPERMAN is on my shorty, oh no! Since my cousin’s birthday last October 5, I thought of making a gift for her. And since I also do my own DIY shorts and sell it on my shop, I made one of her favorite super hero…


I search some design and came up with this. I combine these two pictures so it gives more POW in it! To lighten the design a little bit I paired it with plain black top, bonnet, simple necklace, and my on-the-go Vans. How was it?

(Excuse my sister’s messy room and Mr. Teddy at the back.)

I also wear my used up Vans which is my favorite at all.

Bonnet: from aunty | necklace & shorts: DIY | Shoes: VANS

Hmmm... What do you think I will make next time? Batman for my little sister. Until next time :*

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Meet my gorgeous best friend <3 Her name is Catherine but I call her "Chyn" as we almost have a common nickname. She calls me "Chie" which is my nickname since I was a kid. I meet her in school when we were elementary and become bestfriends in our high school days.

We usually do sleepovers, hangouts, and sharing stories all the time. She's always by my side every time I needed her the most. But now, she's leaving and heading to Switzerland. I'm going to miss her a lot seriously! When we reach our college years, we often hangout and see each other because of the busy schedules and long distance from each other. She attends different university and I'm all left here in our city.

Before she fly to Switzerland we decided to hangout and have a fun day :) Since it's sunny outside, I decided to wear a simple outfit.

I already blog my outfit last time and here it is. We enjoy the water show in the open space here in Harbor Point Ayala. I feel like running through the water.

I seriuosly love the design and plan of Harbor Point! Soon I will make a plan like this. 

A breath taking view right?

Almost same way of style <3

Me and my bestfriend almost have a same sunnies. And I can't leave without my Fedora.

Top: SM Department Store Fedora & Sunnies: SM Accessories and Ray-Ban

Love the huge mirror in their powder room. Trying to take a shot but failed T^T

Our haggard faces -___- Please do excuse us. I'll surely miss this person. Until next time! tooodless!!

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Outfit Post: "Free At Last"

Made an outfit for my date with my one and only gorgeous best friend. After few minutes searching in my closet, I found these stuffs <3

TopSM Department Store | High waisted shorts and necklace: thrifted | Sandals: from aunty | Sunnies and Fedora: SM Accessories

My all time favorite Fedora Hat ! Got that on sale and guess where did I found it. It's on the children's corner :D Luckily the largest size fits perfectly for me. 

Can't wait for our bonding because this is the last bonding we'll have. She's flying to Switzerland this week :"< I'm going to miss my best friend. Going to upload our bonding soon.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Customized shorts are in trend nowadays. You want them but can't afford? Here's a tip on how to make your own lame shorts into a fashionable shorts. I'll show you some designs I've made for our shop.


Any type of shorts

Textile Paint. Any color will fit but make sure you'll choose a paint that is for clothes. Other paint might be remove after you wash it. 

Paintbrush. Any type of paintbrush you have or available in your things. 

Scissors, Cutter and Tape. Any type of paint but I prefer Paper Tape because it sticks perfectly on fabrics.

Stencils. Since I can't find any stencils that fit my designs here, I try making my own :) It also lessen my expense.

You can add more spice on your shorts if you like. Just do what you feel you want to make.


1. Pick a design you want. As you can see, I choose to make the basic and common designs like the American Flag, Aztecs, and more.

2. Prepare your things for customizing. The materials you will use for your chosen design

3. Layout the design on your shorts. Either you draw on it the paint or use the tape for the outlines.

In the picture I just simply put the tape then apply some paint. With the use of the tape it helps having a firm design. 

4. Use Stencils for shapes. If you want some shape and can't afford it. Why don't you try making your own stencils? I just cut these star shape from a used folder then stick it on the short with a paper tape.

5. Apply the paint. Now apply the paint for your design. Be careful on applying the paint.

6. Let it dry. 

And viola! You have your own trendy shorts :) Hope this help you guys. Check out some of my designs I sell on our shop: 

1. Cheetah Madness

2. Aztec Nation

3. Heart Hearts

4. Tribal 

5. American Flag (design at the back pockets)

What do you think guys? Hope you like it. Please visit our shop! Here's the link: BnF's Couture <3