Wednesday, March 26, 2014



After a tiring adventure yesterday, we are now heading off to the beach.
Yes our next destination is the famous Pagudpud Beach!!
But before that let's stop on these cool attraction in Vigan.

Haha! I'm so fond on this tissue dispenser. It's so unique!


Vigan is also famous for its River Cruise.
This river is a historical place which tells us the historical timeline of Vigan from pre-history up to the present time.
The cruise begins at Celedonia River whre the dock is situated.
This will last one hour and showcase us 5 stations.
Each station shows tableaus decipting vhapters of Vigan history.
This river plays an important role in the development of trade and human activities in our historic times.

Since my self photo is bad. Seriously my face looks so haggard! I just use this picture of my sister :)

This place is really relaxing and at night this is a cool, cozy chillin resto bar.
I find it refreshing and very nature loving.
While travelling the river, you'll be focus on its natural environment and feel its era.


A town next to Vigan, you'll catch a beautiful sight of a belfry.
It really attracts me and I'm so eager to visit it.
The bell tower is standing separately on a hilltop which engulf you by its astonishing beauty.
Next to it is the St. Augustine Church which behold a peaceful atmosphere.

There's a person who guides and accompanied us inside the bell tower. 
He also explains the history of this belfry.
This tower was built by Augustinian Missionaries in 1591, most likely as a part of ST. Augustine Church.
It was purely made by bricks, stone, and I think it was also made with a mixture of seashells.

This belfry is located at the tallest point in town because during the Spanish period it was said to be the people’s watchtower, part of the city’s defense that helps in alerting it against possible enemies.
The tower is named "Bantay" because it is located in the Bantay district of Vigan along the national highway. 

Before or after climbing the belfry, you can visit St. Augustine Church.
It is said its amongst the oldest surviving churches in Ilocos Sur.
Just like St. Paul Meteopolitan Church, this is designed from destructive force of earthquake.
The church suffered damages from World War II and so it underwent reconstruction in 1950. 

If you're far from it, it looks like small but when you climb up to the second floor of the tower you'll see a greater view of the whole town.

 Here's a nice view from the second floor of the tower. It is indeed high enough to see the surroundings.

Way up there is the third floor, where the huge bells is located.
I have fear of heights. It's a burden for me to climb that stairs especially I can see what's below me.
I can easily climb up there if the stairs is not like that.
When you climb up the 3rd floor, you'll be amaze in the view.
You'll see the whole region of Ilocos!

Here's a trivia from the tour guide. When you are a Filipino, you'll know the famous film "PANDAY" of late Fernando Poe Jr.
This tower is popular from local tourist because the scenes were shot within and around the belfry.

Say goodbye to the city of Vigan 'cause now we're off to the beach!
Laoag is a beautiful place too but we are going to PAGUDPUD, so it means we'll only pass by Laoag City.

I'm ready to be burn!
Hello BEACH !

Next post will be the Island of Pagudpud.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Been inlove in the district of Calle Crisologo?
Now here's another tourist attraction in Vigan City.
(I'm starting to love this place)


(photo from Nueva Segovia Chancery)

St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, also known as metropolitan cathedral, is considered a major religious landmark not only of Northern Luzon but the country as well. It has been a center of Roman Catholic devotion for centuries.
As you see it follows the Baroque architectural design.
You can see its beauty in day time better than in night time.
Metropolitan Cathedral is just facing the Plaza Salcedo (I will show it later) and on the side of Plaze Burgos.

Here's a picture of the church in night time.
We enjoy walking in Calle Crisologo and came to St. Paul Cathedral within 5-10 minutes walk.

Need a time check? Just look up at Vigan's Bell Tower, It will surely tells you the time.
There's another Bell Tower in Vigan. It's Bantay Bell Tower which I will show you on the next post.
And it's beside Mcdonalds if you feel hungry.
I'm infatuated by Vigan's structural designs.
It's like you're in the past right?

Everything in Vigan reminds you the image of the old times.
They preserve the interior and exterior designs of the houses and buildings.

In front of Metropolitan Cathedral is the PLAZA SALCEDO.


(credits to for the photo. Since I arrived Vigan at night I can't took a clear picture)

Plaza Salcedo is a very famous spot here in Vigan.
After visiting St. Paul Cathedral, people often visit this place.
It is famous for its elliptical plaza with its cooling fountain display, and also its quiet atmosphere.

"Right in front of the Saint Paul Cathedral is the Plaza Salcedo, named after the Spanish conqueror, Juan de Salcedo who subdued the early native settlement in Vigan and established upon it Villa Fernandina for the monarchs of Spain in 1572. With this, Juan de Salcedo founded the third of many Hispanic settlements in the Philippines. 
To honor this Spanish conquistador, a monument was erected in the city square, surrounded by all the important edifices of the town. From Plaza Salcedo, one can see and walk leisurely to not only the Saint Paul Cathedral but the Arzobispado or Archbishop’s Palace, the Vigan City Hall and the Ilocos Sur Capitol as well. All were seats of power over life and death in the olden times, and now places of tourist interest, too. 
In Salcedo Plaza, visitors will find the Salcedo Obelisk which was placed in the elevated plaza during the 17th century as the plaza’s centerpiece. It is literally the focal point of the city’s Spanish urban design. "


Plaza Salcedo is also know as the site of the execution of Gabriela Silang in September of 1763. This is one of the Philippine History that's why Vigan lies a lot of history as you can see in its place.

Plaza Salcedo had its new look last March 2013. They add a fun sight for the night time. This is the newly renovated lagoon with dancing light and fountain.

The dancing Fountain is really breathtaking!
I can't even take my eyes of the fountains but on this picture I only capture the middle part.
I think this last up to 1 hour. Can't exactly remember.
The lights and the way the water swings is perfect with the music they plays.
I also got a video of this.
Gonna upload it on Youtube soon :)

Many people watch this new attraction and it really brings a lot of tourist in Vigan.
Late at night, there's a lot of resto & bar near the plaza.
You can sing, eat, and chill in the city's fine night.

A way back to the hotel is really nice since the cold air gives you a great feeling.
Seriously, I really love walking at night when the weather is cool.
And our hotel is near the Meztiso District, we passed through it again.
Some stalls are already close but some are still open.
Yet many people still walks in this street.

This is a great night in the city of Vigan because tomorrow where of to the beach!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wired Pocket Cam 1/4 CMOS Intraoral Camera with SD Card CF-986

Hey guys!

This is my last review about Aidentist's Intraoral Cameras.
I hope all of the reviews about Intraoral Cams help you and give you an idea what it is about.
The last product I'm going to give a review is 

From its original price £306.30 that lessens to
It gives you a huge discount and you save more right?
That's what Aidentist offers!
They aim to sell good quality products and to help you save more.

This is a wired intraoral camera with a monitor attached to it.
It already has a built in SD card that connects easily with the computer throught the USB card reader.
It is also easy to carry because of its weight and size.
Easy to use and has a great specifications.

For further information about the details, here's the info's:


1. 1/4 CMOS high resolution intra oral camera.
2. Built-in SD card, video output, or connect with computer through USB card reader.
3. Reliable light source with 6 pieces of white light LED.
4. Convenient to carry, the images display on 2.5inch LCD.
5. Adjust the brightness and contrast on the LCD directly.
6. It has 5 buttons to control: freeze, save, previous image, next image, and delete.
7. It is easy to carry, you can use it anywhere, the images can be saved into SD card and the images won’t disappear forever.
8. Easy operation and automatical focus, camera can be used without docking station.
9. High power capacity lithium battery, it doesn’t need to connect with other adapter, keeping a long service life.
10. Connect with: M-99 2.5inch LCD, M-89 Battery, CF-986 intra oral camera.

A. M-99 2.5inch LCD
1. Display screen: 2.5’TFT-LCD
2. Light source: LED
3. Resolution: 960(H)×240(V)
4. Visual range: (15/30/45/45)
5. Brightness: >250LUX 
6. System standard: PAL/NTSC
7. Mirror image function: left/right/up/down reverse control
8. Video input: 1.0Vp-p 75 ohm
9. Power input: DC 12V ±10% 80±10mA
10.LCD display dimension (mm):49.92(H) × 37.44(V)
11.LCD appearance dimension (mm):55.46 (W)×47.21 (H)×2.55(D) 
12.PCB board physical dimension:58 (W)×48(H)×6.2(D)
13. Working temperature: -20~60℃ 
14. Storage temperature: -25℃~+70℃

B.M-89 battery
1. Dimension: 31.5*22*15.5
2. Specification: 763022( double)/7.2V, 450mah
3. Charging time: below 8 hours( do not charge the battery above 24hours)
4. If power is not enough, the indicator light will become red, if charging finish, the indicator light will become green.
NOTICE: During charging, please power off the battery first( Indicator light: red means it is in charging, yellow means it is almost finishing, green means charging finish.

Package with

CF-986 intra oral camera x1
M-89 battery x1
M-99 2.5inch small monitor x 1
Disc x1
TF card x1
USB SD card reader x1
Camera sleeves x50
8.5V charger x1

Thank you so much guys for reading this!
I really hope this reviews can helps you.
So if you're interested in Aidentist's products check out their site.

See more at:

Wired Super Cam Clear Imaging USB Hand-held Intraoral Camera CF-686


Here's another product review about Aidentist Intraoral Camera.
Sorry for having late updates and post.
You know college life is exhausting!

Anyways, here's another hand held camera but unlike the other hand held cams this doesn't have any monitor attached to it.
And this is not wireless also but gives you clear images.

Wired Super Cam Clear Imaging USB Hand-held Intraoral Camera CF-686

Just click the name to see the product

Just like the other products, they lessen its price so it can be affordable to the customers.
From the price of £156.57 it is now in

Seriously, this is a big discount already!

(Here's a photo of the product)

This product serves a high quality performance.
All of the specifications are chosen correctly for a better product quality.
It is powered using USB cable so no need for power supply.

For more details here's the Features of this product:


1. Super HAD CMOS
2. High resolution, High sensitivity, High performance
3. Compact Size, Easy to use and focus
4. Reliable light source with 6 pieces of white light LED
5. 2 or 3 keys function control
6. Display amazing clear images in two different viewing modes: Live and Freeze
7. Power Supply: None needed, powered through USB cable
8. No need any driver, can plug into the computer anytime
9. Effective resolution: 1200*1600

Package With
Camera x 1
Camera USB cable x 1
Camera sleeves x1
Disk (manual) x1