Tuesday, December 17, 2013

PICE 2013 National Midyear Convention

Sorry for being busy and out of post guys.
I'm just too busy in my prelims and really need to study hard.
I can't have any failing grades right now because it that happens I'll be 1 year late.
I can't accept 6 years in college.
That's a mind blowing already!

Well, here's a glimpse of the summit I attended 6 months ago.
I forgot to post this and remember it yesterday.
This is a huge opportunity for me and some of my classmate and friends.
We met almost all of the Civil Engineers throughout the whole island of the Philippines.
There are some engineers also from other country.

This is a 3 day summit that was held in our place..
We help in the event and our school was chosen to be the volunteer.
I'm so lucky because I'm one of the student chosen to be a volunteer.
It is fun yet tiring.

Taking a picture before the summit starts. 
The others are still designing the tables.

Girl power! Who says engineering is for man only?
Well that's wrong women nowadays try it all.
We can excel in different fields.

Waiting for other engineers so we can start by marching the flags of each place with their representative or president.

While the summit is going on and there are lots of speaker that gives different topic which is helpful to us students.
At the storage room, we pack school supplies to donate for the children.

The day won't end without a party.
Taking a picture with the mascot.

It is the KALOKALIKE of Jihnky Pacquiao.
She's a singer.

Every day comes with a different event.

1ST DAY: Welcoming of the engineers.
Doing seminars.
Listening to forums.

2ND DAY: Day for the students!
Seminar for the students.
Bridge building
Quiz Bee and more

3RD DAY: Forum and seminar again.
Awarding and Thanksgiving

The summit gives us a great experience and lesson.
I met engineers who can be an inspiration.
You can see their differences.
Some of their are new and some are old.
They give me advice, ask me questions, and more.
All I can say this is worth it!

Representing our team.
Each team were given a designated job and leader.

I hope soon I'm the one who's attending this summit not just by being a volunteer but being one of those highly respected engineers :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ROMWE "The 4th Anniversary Celebration Week 2"

Hello pretties!
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Despite the busy schedule, I still manage to shoot a new post!
I'ts been hard for me because in this shot I don't have my cameraman.
I just set the cam itself.

I'm thinking about styling these leggings I got from miss Jaqui's giveaway.
And I totally love these thing!
And finally I found something to style it off.

So here's an outfit for today's boredom!

I really do adore this leggings. See its awesome design and the texture is so smooth and soft.
It is indeed comfy to wear.
Want to grab some of these?
Just visit the shop of Fashion Shenanigans.
Here's the link:
INTAGRAM: @fashionshenanigans

I use this white cover up (that i'm selling on my shop) to add some effect on the outfit.
It's perfect and light so you can use it or not.

My bestfriend bought me this Black Cut Out Midriff.
It's in trend right now.

Check this out guys!
I'm really excited using this cut out creepers like platform I bought from a shop on Instagram.
It's from Kuripot Queen.
She's a nice and very approachable seller.
Drop by at her shop to find these awesome finds.
Here's the link:
INSTAGRAM: @kuripotqueen

I'm practicing my make up skills but still it's poor :(
I watch make up tutorials to help me have a nice look especially when I do my blog post.
It's nice if you have a pretty look in your pictures right?
I'm not a make up person.
I usually go to school without make up.
Just sunblock for my face and lip gloss that's all.
But I love putting some liquid eyeliner.
It's like I'm drawing in my face. LOL
I come up with these eyeliner which I don't know what it is called.

wrong placing of hand. LOL!
but I love this shot <3

Just be yourself and just wear anything you're comfortable with.
I really enjoy this shot!

Until next time pretties :*

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Just visited a site a month ago because of a giveaway from a certain blog.
I signed up on their site and never thought it was a wonderful site.


StyleScan is a style driven platform that let's you discover, share, and shop the latest in fashion!

"StyleScan is a fashion forward website destination that gives you a styling experience from head to toe.  We don't just sell merchandise, we show you how to style it several different ways.  As we all know, you can look dynamite by just pairing the right colors or styles together.  If you're not an expert, don't worry, StyleScan will take care of it.  If you're style is feminine, we'll show you how to style our clothes feminine.  If it's not, we'll show you how to stye it edgy!  We got you covered." 


I also emailed them and they're very nice and approaching.
They answer all my questions and didn't ignore me.
Even though I know they're busy because they also starting up.
They still manage to reply on my emails.

When I check their site.
They shows different ways about fashion tips.

They got apps for iPhone but still working out on android phones.
(So sad i'm an android user. But I'll wait for this app)
actually they started as an app for iPhone and due to demands they make their own site.
Whenever you bought an item and don't know how to wear or style it.
 You can see the app and search on how to style it up.

They also had their blog:

Check them guys and you might get interested on them.