Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bad Girl LA!

Recently, We experience too much drama!
Too much stress in school. Too much hassle in life.
Yet I've face those and learned more.
Heartbreaks. Pressure. Loneliness. Downfalls.
I cope with that last few months. But these things didn't let me ruin myself.
It even made me stronger and better.

Since I'm too bored and still on the verge of designing my room, I find a happy time with my cammy.
Whilst painting the wall, I took time to get some risky shots.

Oh I love this shirt especially the words written on it. It's too fitted to me so I decided to cut it out.
It ends up just the way I like.

A series of photographs. Some are blur yet I love the effect of the blur on the picture.

Here's some of the edits from my friend:
Joey Rey Joshua A. Galope (Instagram: @joshgalope)



Ashley's Bedroom

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jumpers On!

Semester is over and again, I'm on a vacation now. Since school has ended it's time for me to relax and unwind from school's stressful loads.
Today family outings are everywhere. And now we had some fun time with my relatives.

 What I Wore: 
Necklace: Uno Shoffe
Sunnies: SM Accessories
Cut-out Platforms: Kuripot Queen (@kuripotqueen)

I love this platforms that I thrifted from KURIPOT QUEEN. An online store (one of my favorite store on Instagram) which sells unique finds. And the owner is so kind too. The platform is very comfy and got a soft leather.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Skipping Class For Pizza

Yes! We are craving for a pizza and something with cheese.
Since one of my girlfriend had her birthday last August 27, 2014, she treated us.
But we still got some class that day and decided to skip our last period.
It's just for today. No harm done.

(Scrumptious Nachos with cheese dip! Heaven!)

YellowCab's Pizza is really the best. This mouth-watering pizza gives our tummies a blast!
There cozy ambiance makes us feel at home and hungry. Oh and I love their interior.
The lights and wall decors are quite cool too.

After the pizza jam, we ended up walking in the mall and have some girly time checking out the stores. You know GIRL THING!