Saturday, May 12, 2018

Orange-y! Orange-y!

I have the days where I roam my closet and try it out if it will be a good pair. I used to spend hours staring at my pile of clothes wishing I can wear them on my normal days. I badly want to pump up my look everyday but the weather here won't help. Addition to that, I still don't know how to drive so I can't ride jeepneys or bus wearing these things.

A retro inspired outfit with a blast of my bright orange bandage skirt. Adding some round glasses and that chunk of chain necklace which suits the details of the top. Hey, I've scored this top on thriftshop. It is light, flowy, and soft which can be also turn into offshies.

It's too sunny outside. Don't forget your sunnies and hats! I can't drag these look on a party later night. What do you think?

What Ash Wears:
Top & Skirt: All from thrift shops.  Oh please! Got a bunch of hauls from thriftshops.
Heels: @shopkq on Instagram

Your lazy, friendly neighborhood,
Ashley P.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Can't Find That Perfect Dress?

"I've got so many clothes. I've got tons of dress. Yet I can't still find the perfect one!"

Have you ever tried saying this out of frustration? Where your bedroom floor ends up with scattered clothes. I, myself, always experience this kind of situation. It is difficult to choose what type of clothes you're going to wear especially with special events.

Special event is always around so it becomes a problem with me looking for a dress. I'm one of the people who's picky when it comes to dress. I want it to be spectacular and unique which will suits my personality and physical appearance. Honestly, what you wear defines you. Your dress will be the outcome of yourself.

In searching for perfect dresses, I stumble upon PROMSHOPAU.
What's with this GLAMOUROUS SHOP all about?

It is an online store perfectly offer costumers, with excellent product at affordable prices, that specialized in the development, design, production and sale of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, party dresses and other special occasion dresses. It is also an international supplier of the latest formal dresses which ensures you the satisfaction of having a high quality dresses.

They offer a variety of dresses, which I will show you my top choices. 

I can't resists checking out their dress. They also offer you a chance to choose what color you want. 
And don't forget about their ULTRA SALES! 


What keeps you waiting? Hurry and grab one of their products now. 
Just click on the Contact Us so it leads you to the site.

Telephone Call

Tel: 0016464320366
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Note: You can click the Description Title so it will specifically lead you to the site of Promshopau.

Ashley P.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Out and about

I have this time lapse with my blog.
It's been a year or two since I actually post my adventures.
When I decided to check my external hard drive, I see this albums in the year 2016.
Most of it are my perfect adventures.
I will promise to upload more of my hidden adventures way way back through the years.

Let's start my little trip last January 2016!
Yes! Year 2016 where I decided to stop my blog. (Personal reasons*)
With graduation is near, the more I got busier. 
At this time, I'm already staying in Manila for my board exam review. 
I was out and disconnected with the social world where all I have was my books and lectures.

I barely return home since I have classes on my review center.
Yet at this moment I've got a chance to take a break.

Welcome back to El Kabayo Falls. If you read my blogs, I already posted about this place.
Seeking nature adventure is the great remedy indeed when you're a bit stress with your life.
Once you hear the flow of the water, the sounds of water falling, the gust of the wind, trees dancing, and birds chirping, you'll instantly feel relaxed.

I'm happy to be residing near bay area and also near the nature area.
I can easily pack up and hike mountains to seek some great adventures.
Since this trip we encounter more soil, leaves, trees, and water, it is best to suggest wear something light. I'm sure there'll be more walking and hiking part.
Wear comfortable clothes also.

I want you all to meet my younger sister, Alyssa. She's adorable and love her to bits.
We both love adventures and nature trips.

Can't wait to upload more of my pending adventures.
Hope this year I can manage to write again.

Seek more adventure!

What Ash Wears:
Top: Just got that from the package my relative from the states.
Brand on the tag says "XXI"
Bottom: Ukay hits! I love thrift shops

What Aly Wears:
Top: Forever 21
Bottom: I bought it online, I forgot the shop's name

Ashley P.