Monday, November 10, 2014

TRAVELOGUE: Pundaquit Getawy (Part 2)

Ola friends! Did you guys enjoy my last post? Hope my last post made you relaxing.
As a continuation of my last post, I'm gonna show you today the part where we had trekking and discover a new beauty!

Today's Destination: 

There's two option to get to the falls.

OPTION 1:  (This is the advisable route)
From the beach of Pundakit, you will cross the Pundakit River.
After crossing, walk about 20-40 meters away then turn left and look for a pathway that is parallel to the beach. Just walk on the pathway for about 150-200 meters and you’ll be arriving at the falls.

NOTE: You need someone to guide you on the way there. Local residence there are nice and they can even be your tour guide. Be careful on some that ask for fee. You don't have to pay because its open for everyone. If they push to ask for fee you can report it on the barangay.

OPTION 2: (This is no longer available since they already put fence on the route and there's someone guarding it already.)

Since my friends know someone from there, we use this option because its easier and near from our cottage.

From the beach, you will cross the Pundakit River. (Since our cottage is already near, we already cross the river.) After crossing, walk about 20-40 meters away, then you will the end of the shoreline which leads you to the foot of the rocky mountain.

(Found this cutie little crab on one of the stone.)

(My sister is enjoying the waves and sitting in those rocks. But be careful once you go to the water it's already deep.)

The rocks are really slippery when wet so you must be careful where to step.)

From the cliff or edge of the mountain, you will see from your left a small pond. I think it's a river too but since it's summer there's no flow.)

Cross this water (It's cold seriously and the water is clear) and you'll find a small house and a pathway. Follow the pathway and please bring your slippers on.

And with just a small walk you'll see this view! TADA! Welcome to the PUNDAQUIT FALLS!

You see that top? We will go there. When we go here it's still summer so the flow of water is not that strong. And when it's dark and there's a sign of raining, Please don't even try to go here because we don't know how strong will be the current.

The first part of the falls. The depth of the water is 5 meters and above  I think. And as you can see, it's pretty gorgeous. The water is clear, you can see the bottom of it, and it's freakin' cold!

View from above.

She climb there and enjoying the sight and preparing herself also for a jump.

5-10 meters high, I really jump you know! It's so fun and refreshing!

Next: Let's go higher and visit the top part of the falls.

 Me and my sister enjoying the falls. It's slippery and full of rocks. You can't jump to this fall because the bottom is only 2 ft high.

I really enjoy the falls. And now we're going back to the beach!


1. Make sure when going into this kid of activity, you need someone who knows the place already. If there's not, ask for guidance from local residence there.
2. Be aware of your things. Someone must stay to look for your things.
3. You must only use this Option 2 when it's dry season and never go to the falls when you feel or see the sky getting darker. We never know when the stream will fall.
4. Be careful where to step your foot. On the way to the falls, the rocks are very slippery.
5. You must be with the boys. I seriously recommend that you need to be accompanied by the guys when climbing the falls.
6. Never go alone into the woods and never go far from the shore if you don't want to get drown. The beach is really deep you know.
7. When you go to the falls, refrain from leaving trash. We must take care of our nature and not ruining it.
8. When jumping into the falls make sure you won't hit or slip on the rocks. And check how deep it is.

Well do you like our little adventure? If you have time and want to go to a cool adventure, visit Pundaquit!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Paradise Summer

Have you read my latest post about this beach? Well If not, go check it out and explore my adventures.

Do you know the song Paradise (On Earth) by Cris Cab? Well today's adventure is like a paradise.

I prefer wearing maxi skirts first because of the transportation to here, but already wear my bikini under it. Make sure you wear something comfy and get your sunglasses to protect from too much sunlight. Before going out of your house, put sunscreen on already.

And I'm off for getting tan!

black tank top | cheetah print skirt | JL sunnies

Since my friends are so excited to be on the water, I remove my maxi cause I can't go into water with that. And to protect me from getting darker, I put on my kimono first to take pictures. 

*My sister wearing my rash guard*

Floral Kimono
Floral Fedora Hat: SM Accessories
Black One Piece: Mom's closet

 Actually this black one piece suit is from my mom. It's like a vintage suit. *Lol* But seriously, she wore it when she's in her younger years. And I really prefer wearing one piece suit than bikini. I don't know, I just like it better.


Pundaquit Beach, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines