Thursday, July 9, 2015

Graduating College Retreat

Last February 4-6, I had my Senior Retreat for Graduating Students.
I can see the nearly graduation, but sad to say some of my batch mates will go up on stage earlier than us. We are late by one semester and I am an irregular student so that means I will graduate this October. I'm okay with that as long I will finish my course.

I've learned a lot from the 3 days retreat since the speaker (Father Huerto) talks a lot of session which strikes me the most.

Remember your love at first.
Reconnect and Disconnect.

Two lessons enlighten me and give me a new vision towards what I'm doing in my life. Session time is around 7am-12nn then from 2:30pm-9:00pm. If you imagine that it's so long, you're wrong. Within those times, I feel so relax. I find myself elistening and recollecting every single topic we had. Short films shown makes me cry. I remember many problems and hatred I had. I remember fun memories I experience. I remember memories which I forgot and buried. 

This is also the right time to cherrish and value the time we had with our friends. This is also the chance where we know some people we not usually speak to. This is the time of knowing, understanding, commemorating, relaxing, and finding yourself.

This might be the last time we will be together but this is the most unforgettable event of the year.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Columban College
Batch 2015

Ordinary School Girl

School Life is the most memorable time of our life. A time when I always look foward to Japanese uniforms but unfortunately cannot adopt in my place due to the extreme warm weather. Girly school-look seems so cute and one of my outfit idea. 

Up into the high mountains, where a city is located, I've tried doing some experiments with my outfit since that's the place where I can truly express my own ideas. Cool breeze tapping my skin, breathing in the smell of pines and enjoying the glorious scenery of this place. Even the sun is high, the blow of the wind is still cold. Perfect pair for the leather is a denim skirt with a preppy print longsleeves. Both skirt and longsleevs are thrifted but not abused. It's still wearable though. I'm inlove with the place, and let me tell you something: I saw a cute guy that day. He says "Hi." Then I knew that's he's a varsity from the school Mapua.

The Outfit

Shoes: | Bag: Tomato

The Location

Mines View, Baguio City, Philippines