Thursday, May 15, 2014


Here's a separate post of my OOTD on my Baguio School Tour last Thursday (March 06, 2014).
The recent post is about my travel while this post is all about style portforlio.


I'm too excited for this trip because I can wear anything I want despite the looks that people throws at me.
Don't mind them, I just want to wear what I want.
Baguio is a best place for ootds because of its fine cool weather and people didn't mind you at all.

We basically stopped on our first itinerary which is in Azucarera, Tarlac.
We're going to visit a sugar plant!
Before entering the plant, here we are roaming around the place and outside the church.

One thiing I love about this outfit it is an outfit perfect for unisex.
It can a be a girly or a boyish look.
It really suits me because it's actually balance just like my personality.
Love how the plaid can be taken off especially when its hot already.

Yes you see that red thing on my hair?
I bleach some part of it so it can be hidden if I'm in school.

For my outfit:

BOY London Snapback and John Lennon Sunnies from my shop Chie Chin
Studded Muscle Tee from Thrifted Treasure
Plaids from Volcom
Boots : thrifted

You can wear this with shorts but I prefer wearing pants since I'm on a trip.

Sorry for being vain dolls.
I just love the surrounding and ambiance of my outfit and place.
Do you love this outfit?
Please leave a comment on about what you think on these look.

TRAVELOGUE: Baguio City Day 1

Hello Dolls~
Sorry I've been too busy again and lst week I've been on a school trip.
Yes! Our course always have an annual 3 day trip.
This is really fun and exciting!

This is also a great break from school stress!
And a time to have fun and do what you want with your friends.

Before going to Baguio City, we stopped at our first destination:
Hacienda Luisita sugarcane Plantation

Sorry dolls. I can't give you the looks of the plantation because they restrict on bringing camera inside.
And then after Tarlac, we stop for a church visit in Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan. 

After 2 hours from Pangasinan, this welcomes us.
The coolest place in the Philippines: BAGUIO CITY!

Tomorrow will be the next post!
Gonna catch up some posts <3