Friday, October 31, 2014

TRAVELOGUE: Pundaquit Getaway! (Part 1)

After the plan being cancelled due to surprised exams on our subjects, we still aim to continue this getaway. Yes! We've been in hell these past few months because of projects and that's the reason for me being MIA on my blog posts. To relieve stress and get a break from the hassle life of college, We head to the beach. But our main reason going to the beach is to try SKIM BOARDING.
Yes! One of my friend bought a skim board and we'll try it now.

Sun kiss. Skin dipping on the beach!
Since I was a kid, my family always visit this place during summer. This paradise is called PUNDAQUIT. Located in San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines.
Many tourist visit this place and go island hopping. You can surf here too.
But be careful once you swim in this beach because it's deep already once you dip on the beach.

How to get there?
If you have your own car, you can easily get there without further hassle except for the directions.
From the city of Olongapo, just straight ahead to North. It is about 1 hour or an hour and a half time of travel until you came to the province of San Antonio. The way from the capitol to the beach bound is less than 30 mins. You need for guidance when you go there.

Other option is through commuting. From the bus terminal in Olongapo City, you take a ride on a bus and travel time is like 1 hour and above. When you're in the capitol of San Antonio, you can take a ride on tricycles next to Ministop Store.
(Just a tip: Don't act like you're a tourist because some drivers give a higher price.)
One tricycle can consume 3-4 person. With 4 person it cost 25 pesos each, while with 3 person it cost 30 pesos each. If I were you, I will ask for cheaper price. You need to be bright and got a nice business talk to ask for discounts.
The tricycle will bring you to the beach. There's a lot of cottage there which cost 300 and above each cottage.
It is better if you knew someone from there. And viola! It's time for the beach!

I really enjoy this day. Hanging out with friends. We try skim board, play frisbee and volleyball. And a piggy ride from him :)
Going on an adventure with weirdo freako friends beside you is so worth it!

On my next post I will show you guys our little adventure on this beach. Our trekking and the gorgeous waterfalls.

The Location:
Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines
October 20, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bad Girl LA!

Recently, We experience too much drama!
Too much stress in school. Too much hassle in life.
Yet I've face those and learned more.
Heartbreaks. Pressure. Loneliness. Downfalls.
I cope with that last few months. But these things didn't let me ruin myself.
It even made me stronger and better.

Since I'm too bored and still on the verge of designing my room, I find a happy time with my cammy.
Whilst painting the wall, I took time to get some risky shots.

Oh I love this shirt especially the words written on it. It's too fitted to me so I decided to cut it out.
It ends up just the way I like.

A series of photographs. Some are blur yet I love the effect of the blur on the picture.

Here's some of the edits from my friend:
Joey Rey Joshua A. Galope (Instagram: @joshgalope)



Ashley's Bedroom

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