Sunday, August 31, 2014

Underneath Aqua

A love for nature.
I'm a fan of adventure where I can explore new things. I love to go hiking and go to different natural spots.
As you have seen on my last post, we take a tour in El Kabayo falls here in our place.
Never thought there's a great place her.

Since it is still summer, I wear the most comfortable clothes and my on-the-go clothes.
Perfect for the outing and it is too hot so I really wear shorts this day.

Crochet top: thrifted haul 
Corset:  Prelove Corner
Distressed shorts: DIY
Fedora Hat: SM Department Store

Hope to see you soon on my next adventure.

EL Kabayo Falls, Subic Bay

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Friday, August 22, 2014

TRAVELOGUE: Falling With Nature's Beauty

Time really flies so fast. One thing you know you're looking through the pictures that happened in your life.
A day is a treasure. A treasure to fill with great memories.

Since me and my sisters, and also cousins are on our last month for summer vacation, we decided to take our last break and have fun.
We do love travelling and exploring many places. We are an adventurous people.
We love to explore and find something new.
Living in a great place, called Subic Bay. We are so blessed with a great nature.
And now we discover this ravishing falls named "EL KABAYO FALLS"

So envy enough because they have the courage to jump that approximately 15-20 ft cliff.
The water's depth is 15 feet but you must jump far so you won't hit the rocks at the side.
And the water is so cold and so fresh.

A fact that I'm so afraid of heights, even when I'm at the edge of a cliff or any slope, I can't move already. I feel still and shaking.
Since each one of my cousins were strong enough to jump on a high cliff, I'm left alone jumping on this 4 feet cliff.
I promise myself next time to take the challenge of my relatives and jump on that high cliff.
I'll be back on this place. 
El Kabayo, you are a great adventure!

El Kabayo Falls, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back To School Wishlist Giveaway by YOYOMELODY

Hello ladies! Since school i back on track in other countries, some online stores are having their sale off or giveaways.
One of these is the YOYOMELODY
It is a fashion store that serves anything that girls want.
And now they're having their "Back to School Wishlist Giveaway"
Isn't this very exciting?

There will be 3 winners randomly selected from 100 joiners every week who'll win $100 coupon.
But not only that, Anyone who join the giveaway will get $5 coupon to buy any item.
This will end on  31st of August.
Grab the chance and join now!

For more details, check at: Giveaway

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Game For A Free Day

Finally! I have my free time because my professors and department faculty have their 3 days retreat.
Yet yesterday (wednesday) is the only free time I can have.
And it is a day for sportsfest tryouts.
I came to support my friends with their try outs. Since I'm not a fast runner like dash and easily gets tired, I find myself watching and cheering them.
Luckily, some of my other friends are there having their football game.

Printed Top: Artwork Ph
Shoes: NIKE

YES! They teach me and I'm so proud of myself because I know how to throw in a proper way.

I just need more practice and strength.