Monday, August 10, 2015

Red Bombs

Time flies so fast. A sentence abusively used and heard. I stop and thought graduation is near. Few more months, I'm going to leave my college life. My school life. A few more months, I'll be seeing myself marching up to the stage with my black toga and diploma in hand. But everything is not finished on that stage, Once I step down on that stage another path welcomes me. Despite of the pressures & stress that school is giving me, they also return some favourable event for us students.

 Chicken Green Salad

Extremly Expresso Cafe and Resto serves the best dish in affordable price. Since we kinda enjoy  eating, we always have time to spoil our taste buds.

STUDENTS DAY. I'm so thankful to my school we've been given a day for ourselves-for the students. Yes we celebrate this in my college where different booths and activities held inside the school grounds in one day. Aside from taking a break from the school loads, we acquaint with other field of course. Plus being in the department of engineering, you'll shine and be proud since we have this unique bonding in my field. Professors and even the dean shows open minded communication with their students but still remains their respect. They also say that our department is rich since my professors always give prizes (either monetary or things) when we held some event.

We are told to wear our departmental color. Engineering will always be red. It defines fierce, strong, mindful, strategic, courageous personality that an engineer must have. But since I'm not a fan of red shirts or any top I find it hard what to wear. Luckily I found a red sweater and scored a DMs inspired I always wanted on a thrift store. I still stick with the basic colors. I'm still on the verge of deciding what color platform I'll have on my fashion code. Yet I still need a home photographer too.

Hope to see you guys again on my next adventures. I'll get to you guys soon as possible. 

What Ashley wears:

Printed Snapback & Cutesy  Cat Bagback: SM Department Store
Dr. Martens Inspired boots: thrifted


Extremely Expresso Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Tennis Court SBFZ

Ashley P.