Thursday, February 27, 2014

Magenta® Wired Intraoral Camera MD750+MD370 USB & VIDEO

Hello guys.

I'm here again for another product review.
All reviews I'm gonna make is about Aidentist.
Check my past post about this site.

Now let's go back to the topic.

Another product about Aidentist's Intraoral Cameras.

Here's the:

Magenta® Wired Intraoral Camera MD750+MD370 USB & VIDEO

(click this: LINK)

It is quite affordable now because they lessen the price from £253.58 to
They really give the costumers cheaper price but high quality products.

What is this product by the way?
Well as you can see this is an Intraoral Camera comes with USB & VIDEO.
It is not wireless and without built in camera in it.

To check for further explanation about this product.

Here's the features and specification of the product that Aidentist shows us.


1. With quickly deleted image, re-captured,e nlarge function
2. Single images screen and 4 images intersected screen can be changed to each other
3. Can be saved 28*4 pieces pictures totally
4. With specific remote control
5. Support handpiece and footplate function
6. With multi-functional button on the dental intraoral camera
7. With multi-functional of image signal output
8. Up and down page can be controlled by the button of handpiece
9. It can be connected with external infrared sensor without any fail


Image sensor:1/4 Sony CCD
Image resolutuon:2.0 mega pixels
Video output: USB/VGA/Video/S-video
Lamp: 6pcs white LED(5600k)
Accumulation point:5mm-50mm
Photographing visual angle:70°
Signal format: NTS/PAL(option)
Handpiece weight: 42g
Power input: DC5V (250mA)

This product is very easy to use and offers you a lots of functions.
Its specifications are really great.
What I want in this product, it has this external infared sensor.
Cool isn't it?

I hope this helps you again guys.
Two more upcoming reviews about Aidentist's Intraoral Cameras.

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