Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wireless Hand Held Intraoral Camera with Small LCD Monitor CF-988

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I'm back for another review.
Remember my post about Aidentist? If you haven't read it yet.
Check here --> Dental Equipments

We now know that AIDENTIST serves us a large selection of dental equipments.
All of their products are guaranteed with high quality, free shipping, and affordable price.
Now let me show you their products.
If you're a dental practitioner this is very helpful for you.
Aidentist offers you several models of INTRAORAL CAMERAS.

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Click the link to see the different models and types of Intraoral Cameras: 

What is Intraoral Camera?
How does it work?
Well, I searched about this product and remember that my dentist use this thing.

To see the image inside our mouth, dentists use xrays to provide information that we can't get from any other equipment; but it can't show you everything.
So they create Intraoral cameras that allows us to see what's inside our mouth.
Yes, even the patients see their teeths and how do it looks like inside.
It is a handpiece resembles the size of an oversized pens with a built-in light source and serves a small camera that allows us to see our gum or tooth.
While lying their, the dentist inserts the camera into the patient's mouth and moves it in different angles.
With the use of the computer monitor, the patient is able to see the problems in their teeth.

One type of Intraoral camera they offer is the
Wireless Hand-held Intraoral Camera with Small LCD Monitor CF-988

Click the link below to see the product: 

This is a wireless hand-held intraoral camera. 
It got a great features like, it has a lightweight design which  is comfortable to hold and easy to use.
It has1/4” Sony Super HAD CCD.
It offers high resolution, high performance, and high sensitivity.
Its built-in 6 pieces of white LED light source provides reliable, long-life illumination for clearer image of the teeth. Compact in size and shows high resolution of image for a better view.

This product also offers you a great package.
It includes the following:

Camera x1
Camera Cable x1
Camera Sheaths x1
Disk x1
Docking station x1
Wireless Transmitter x1
Wireless Receiver x1
Pedal x1
Hand piece Holder x1
Small LCD monitor M-88 x1

Isn't it great?
By using this wireless hand held intraoral camera product, your work will be a lot more easier.
And it is very useful and easy to use.
This also helps patients to understand the problem in their teeth and they will know what to do about it.

Hope this helps you understand this product.
More reviews soon.


  1. Cool cam. I'm thinking of a dozen other uses I could make of it to shoot strange things in fictional films that I make. Interesting. ty for this blog post :-)

    1. Yes it is really cool especially it is small. You're a director or something sir? Thanks for your comment :)


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