Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wired Super Cam Clear Imaging USB Hand-held Intraoral Camera CF-686


Here's another product review about Aidentist Intraoral Camera.
Sorry for having late updates and post.
You know college life is exhausting!

Anyways, here's another hand held camera but unlike the other hand held cams this doesn't have any monitor attached to it.
And this is not wireless also but gives you clear images.

Wired Super Cam Clear Imaging USB Hand-held Intraoral Camera CF-686

Just click the name to see the product

Just like the other products, they lessen its price so it can be affordable to the customers.
From the price of £156.57 it is now in

Seriously, this is a big discount already!

(Here's a photo of the product)

This product serves a high quality performance.
All of the specifications are chosen correctly for a better product quality.
It is powered using USB cable so no need for power supply.

For more details here's the Features of this product:


1. Super HAD CMOS
2. High resolution, High sensitivity, High performance
3. Compact Size, Easy to use and focus
4. Reliable light source with 6 pieces of white light LED
5. 2 or 3 keys function control
6. Display amazing clear images in two different viewing modes: Live and Freeze
7. Power Supply: None needed, powered through USB cable
8. No need any driver, can plug into the computer anytime
9. Effective resolution: 1200*1600

Package With
Camera x 1
Camera USB cable x 1
Camera sleeves x1
Disk (manual) x1

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