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MLG ® WIFI Intraoral Camera M-958A 15 inch LCD 1/4 SONY CCD

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Here's another review for our topic:
AIDENTIST's "Intraoral Cameras"

Last time I post a review about the 
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I also tells you what Intraoral Camera is and how do dental practitioners use it.
Now I'm going to share another type of Intraoral Camera.
Here's the
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What is this material?
How does it work?
Here's the features about this product.

1. New model of 1/4 SONY CCD high resolution intra oral camera connect 15 inch LCD screen. 
2. LCD screen plus tempered glass.
3. 15 inch LCD can freely adjust contrast, lightness and color;
4. With high resolution, high performance and auto focus.
5. Built-in 6pcs high brightness long-lift white LED, and the cable is 2M.
6. The front five control buttons: Freeze, Save, Previous image, Next image, Delete, and the reverse side control buttons: Freeze and Save.
7.Using the latest technology that can save 9999 pcs images through the U-disk, the images can be permanently stored.
8. Full, quad and nine images, can compare in different angles, two kinds of capture angles, display the clear images.
9. With the recording function and the video storage capacity according to the U-disk.
10.WIFI output function and Multifunctional input: Video , USB, VGA, HDMI.
11. Multimedia features make the display superior performance , can be directly connected to the MP3, U-disk and other electronic equipment. Play movies, musics and files in JPG format.
12. Multi-media make LCD play movie, music and files in JPG forma
13. Multi-language:  English, Spainish, Deutsch, Portuguese, Arabic language and so on.
14. Suitable for PAL and NTSC systems.
15. Can match with 2.5 inch small LCD for optional.
16. The optional of WI-FI device can save and transmission the images in mobile phones, tablet computers, and the computer at the same time. 

 (See more at: http://www.aidentist.com/mlgr-wifi-intra-oral-camera-m-958a-15-inch-lcd-1-4-sony-ccd-2809.html#sthash.10Ok655v.dpuf)

Can you just imagine?
This produuct is really helpful for dentists out there.
Just like the wireless hand held intraoral Camera with small LCD monitor CF-988, this product also offers you a high quality perfomance and great specifications.
But the difference is that this product has a larger LCD monitor that can give you clearer and larger picture rather than the wireless hand held with small lcd monitor.
It's LCD is also serves you a lot of good features.
And the most interesting in this product: it has a WIFI device on it.
It can easily transfer images to the gadgets at the same time.
No more wires or usb connection required.

Hope this is another helpful review for you guys :)
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