Monday, July 6, 2015

High in the mountains of Baguio

My last 2 nights of my school tour was spent in Baguio City again. It's my 3rd time being on a school trip and our destination was always in Baguio. I guess they can't deny the fact that it is so chill in Baguio City. Even myself love the city!

I visited my auntie there and see my cousin who's now a grown up teenager. I invited my friends to come and have dinner at the house then take a walk around the town of Baguio. The next day, we didn't go with the itenerary. We do our own Baguio trip: where to go, where heading to. Luckily, we still reach the last week of the Panagbenga Festival. You can still see the wonderful and colorful flower creation of the people there. I really want to pick some flowers but I think it's prohibited since it's still in its competition state. 

Have you tried any tea shop in Baguio? Yes InfiniTea and also ZenTea are my favorite spots of tea in Baguio. Place is really artsy but small. I suggest they find a bigger place because it is really chilling and comfy at the same time. So we ended up our tour in Mines View and Good Shepard to buy souvenirs. Try their Ube Jam! You'll love it!


City of Pines: Baguio City, Philippines

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