Thursday, March 26, 2015

Remnants of Past


The first time I landed on this place, it tells me a lot of stories it hold. As I leave the place I also left my mind and soul. It forces and attracts me to go back to this wonderful place since I still didn't finish reading every page of its history.

Vigan City is one of the city in our country that holds the story about the past. Every spot tells us the history when Philippines is under the Spanish colonization. Let me take you on some tourist spots here in Vigan City! Let's reminisce the past life of our country.

(They made me their tour guide since I already set foot on Vigan city plus I look different with my outfit.)


Calle Crisologo is one of the famous place here in Vigan. It is a street which is closed to vehicles due to its preservation of the houses during Spanish era. People here did a great job in preserving its beauty and some structures are restored but still looks the same.

We are so busy taking a good photo of this majestic place. We keep memories !

Since Kalesa is well-known here, there are lots of "Kalesa chairs" down the streets too. Isn't this wonderful? (I want and need this in my garden.)

Speaking of Kalesa, If you want to take a tour around Vigan City try the Kalesa ride. It only cost 150 pesos and will tour and bring you to the landmarks of Vigan. Unluckily, we didn't tried it since it's late and can't enjoy some place during night time.

Yes, they are having their picture moments with their icecreams too. I swear that Ice cream is a must try too. I don't know it really taste good or its just my taste bud? But I love it!

 Have you realize that I change my hat?  Say hello to our new fancy hats! I'm surprised that this wide hat costs only a 100 pesos. I've been searching for this in my place and through internet (but internet sells too much expensive).

Well let's move on to the next page shall we?

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