Sunday, March 22, 2015

Heading towards North

Hello guys, I'm back again to this wonderful place of the North! Remember my post about this place 2 years ago? Yes, now I'm here again for my school tour. We will be spending a night there then will head to Baguio City again.

Since its my birthday (March 03), a day before our trip, my loving friends surprise me with a caramel roll cake. I turned 21 and getting older already! But for me adventure life starts at 20s.

I still blow a candle my day ends.

AT 5:00 A.M, Manoag Church, Pangasinan City

Before heading to Vigan City or any destination on our itenerary, we always take a stop at Manoag Shrine in Pangasinan.. My family used to visit this Church yearly, it's like a devotion already to the shrine of Manaoag. That time it was freakin cold! It's even colder outside than inside our bus.

12:30 NN, Hotel Linda Suites Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

After long hours sitting and sleeping in the bus we finally arrived at Vigan City! We eat our lunch first before checking in on our rooms. 

Cause I have to do bus selfies while my butt is in pain from sitting for hours.


Hotel Linda is a modern styled 3 floors hotel with a touch of Spanish era and still with the Ilocos Vibes. It offers different types of rooms and good service. The food is absolutely mouth-watering and goo in taste. I think our whole department rent the whole hotel for one night. Each room is occupied and since we are great in number, we stay in a Dormitory type room. As you can see on my one photo, the dormitory rooms have these double deck beds. The room is so comfy and I feel like I'm in my hous but when you are staying in a dormitory rooms, you don't have your own bathroom. So you'll use the public bathrooms. While we are relaxing, some of our schoolmates plays pranks on doorbells and telephones. I hate it since it was noisy and you can't take a nap.

Oh! Each floor and hallway have this water dispenser and coffee powders so we can drink and make a drink anytime. I love their hallway especially their wall where I can post and shoot an ootd!
We stayed in our room for a while. Charge every phones and gadgets before exploring the streets of Vigan City!



Address: Rivero Street, Barangay VIII, Sta. Elena, Vigan City
(Just across the Vigan Convention Center)

Telephone Numbers:
(Landline 1) 077-674-0809 
(Landline 2) 077-722-2402
(Mobile) 0916-588-4397

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