Thursday, November 6, 2014

Paradise Summer

Have you read my latest post about this beach? Well If not, go check it out and explore my adventures.

Do you know the song Paradise (On Earth) by Cris Cab? Well today's adventure is like a paradise.

I prefer wearing maxi skirts first because of the transportation to here, but already wear my bikini under it. Make sure you wear something comfy and get your sunglasses to protect from too much sunlight. Before going out of your house, put sunscreen on already.

And I'm off for getting tan!

black tank top | cheetah print skirt | JL sunnies

Since my friends are so excited to be on the water, I remove my maxi cause I can't go into water with that. And to protect me from getting darker, I put on my kimono first to take pictures. 

*My sister wearing my rash guard*

Floral Kimono
Floral Fedora Hat: SM Accessories
Black One Piece: Mom's closet

 Actually this black one piece suit is from my mom. It's like a vintage suit. *Lol* But seriously, she wore it when she's in her younger years. And I really prefer wearing one piece suit than bikini. I don't know, I just like it better.


Pundaquit Beach, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you miss Jackie ❤ you always inspire me

  2. Feels like summer in November! You look good on those photos!

  3. Gorgeous as usual. While browsing the post I ask myself are you the paradise or is it the place? :D

  4. Great shots! I love your kimono by the way :)
    I love wearing maxi dresses to the beach too! Oh... how I miss the heat :/

    - Aileen |

  5. Great photos! I like your floral fedora hat! so cute!

  6. Ang presko naman ng lugar. Ang ganda pa ng model.hehe. ;)

  7. Nice photos. I miss going to the beach. Your photos made me miss it even more. :)

  8. This made me realized: hey, summer can fit in November sometimes? Maybe it's generally, the heat we are facing right now. But with these photographs, hey, that's and added temperature right there.


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