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Wired Pocket Cam 1/4 CMOS Intraoral Camera with SD Card CF-986

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This is my last review about Aidentist's Intraoral Cameras.
I hope all of the reviews about Intraoral Cams help you and give you an idea what it is about.
The last product I'm going to give a review is 

From its original price £306.30 that lessens to
It gives you a huge discount and you save more right?
That's what Aidentist offers!
They aim to sell good quality products and to help you save more.

This is a wired intraoral camera with a monitor attached to it.
It already has a built in SD card that connects easily with the computer throught the USB card reader.
It is also easy to carry because of its weight and size.
Easy to use and has a great specifications.

For further information about the details, here's the info's:


1. 1/4 CMOS high resolution intra oral camera.
2. Built-in SD card, video output, or connect with computer through USB card reader.
3. Reliable light source with 6 pieces of white light LED.
4. Convenient to carry, the images display on 2.5inch LCD.
5. Adjust the brightness and contrast on the LCD directly.
6. It has 5 buttons to control: freeze, save, previous image, next image, and delete.
7. It is easy to carry, you can use it anywhere, the images can be saved into SD card and the images won’t disappear forever.
8. Easy operation and automatical focus, camera can be used without docking station.
9. High power capacity lithium battery, it doesn’t need to connect with other adapter, keeping a long service life.
10. Connect with: M-99 2.5inch LCD, M-89 Battery, CF-986 intra oral camera.

A. M-99 2.5inch LCD
1. Display screen: 2.5’TFT-LCD
2. Light source: LED
3. Resolution: 960(H)×240(V)
4. Visual range: (15/30/45/45)
5. Brightness: >250LUX 
6. System standard: PAL/NTSC
7. Mirror image function: left/right/up/down reverse control
8. Video input: 1.0Vp-p 75 ohm
9. Power input: DC 12V ±10% 80±10mA
10.LCD display dimension (mm):49.92(H) × 37.44(V)
11.LCD appearance dimension (mm):55.46 (W)×47.21 (H)×2.55(D) 
12.PCB board physical dimension:58 (W)×48(H)×6.2(D)
13. Working temperature: -20~60℃ 
14. Storage temperature: -25℃~+70℃

B.M-89 battery
1. Dimension: 31.5*22*15.5
2. Specification: 763022( double)/7.2V, 450mah
3. Charging time: below 8 hours( do not charge the battery above 24hours)
4. If power is not enough, the indicator light will become red, if charging finish, the indicator light will become green.
NOTICE: During charging, please power off the battery first( Indicator light: red means it is in charging, yellow means it is almost finishing, green means charging finish.

Package with

CF-986 intra oral camera x1
M-89 battery x1
M-99 2.5inch small monitor x 1
Disc x1
TF card x1
USB SD card reader x1
Camera sleeves x50
8.5V charger x1

Thank you so much guys for reading this!
I really hope this reviews can helps you.
So if you're interested in Aidentist's products check out their site.

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