Saturday, October 26, 2013

Outfit Post: "Free At Last"

Made an outfit for my date with my one and only gorgeous best friend. After few minutes searching in my closet, I found these stuffs <3

TopSM Department Store | High waisted shorts and necklace: thrifted | Sandals: from aunty | Sunnies and Fedora: SM Accessories

My all time favorite Fedora Hat ! Got that on sale and guess where did I found it. It's on the children's corner :D Luckily the largest size fits perfectly for me. 

Can't wait for our bonding because this is the last bonding we'll have. She's flying to Switzerland this week :"< I'm going to miss my best friend. Going to upload our bonding soon.


  1. Hi dear! Thanks for stopping by my blog and follow. I want to follow you too but I can't find any Followers widget in your blog. Let me know where I can follow you dear. let's stay in touch. :) See you around.

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  2. Hello miss Jenniya! I'm so happy you have read my comment. I'm just starting up in this blogging world. Then I saw some bloggers and you become one of my greatest inspiration. I already added some Followers widget. Thank You so much :) Stay pretty always <3


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