Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Simple art describes a lot of things. 

Have you heard the storyof Biag-ni-Lam ang? It is a pre-Hispanic Filipino epic poem of the Ilocano people of Philippines which is a life story of the eponymous hero of Ilocanos.

This is how we do the #WINDMILLPOSE 

Are you an enthusiast of nature? If you enjoys an awesome creation of our nature, I'll show you some masterpiece on the rocky coast of Burgos Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte. On my last post I showed you the windmills on the mountains, rocky mountains rather of Burgos. Now we'll head south part of the farm. 

The KAPURPURAWAN ROCK FORMATION is also called as "Immaculate Splandor" for its unimaginable image. It is known for its creamy white and streamlined limestone formations, which have been sculpted by the different oceanic and weather forces. You'll be amazed how can nature form this kind of rock. Once we set our foot on that huge formation, we were stunned with its beauty. I seated on that rock and even climbe don it just to take a picture. It leaves powdery form on my clothes and skin when I touched it. Maybe it's the effect of the sea salt. 

Great scenes everywhere. You'll see the vast ocean ahead of you and at your back you can see the gigantic windmills above the mountains. It is a long walk but you'll never realized you're tired cause the surroundings uplift excitement. This is my last stop in Ilocos Region. We'll go back South and take a turn to climb up the mountains of Baguio City.


Burgos Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte, Philippines 

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  1. I'm surely an admirer of nature...and I enjoyed this post so much!!!! fabulous photos, I see you all had a blast,
    I really like your outfit, those ripped high waist jeans are to die for.


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