Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Flowing with the Winds

Have you ever been that close to a windmill? Here in Ilocos you'll see a beautiful humongous windmills beside the sea. This serves electricity to the citizens of Ilocos Region.

This is called Burgos Wind Farm, the second wind farm built in the province of Ilocos Norte since they have another wind farm in Bangui also located in Ilocos Norte. Covering 600 hectares, this becomes the largest wind farm in the country and in Southeast Asia. This 70 meters high windmills are a sight to view.

We arrive here earlier than expected. We left Vigan at 2:00 in the morning then when I woke up from sleeping, we are here already in Burgos around 5:00 a.m. The sky is still dark but as minutes passes you will see the sky is changing, and the rays of the sun is peeking.

The best part arriving here early is that you can witness the momentum of the sunrise. Where rich, vibrant mixture of orange, yellow colors explodes on the bottom of the sky while its upper part still painted in black-bluish hue. It is wonderful masterpiece. I can sit at that moment grab my art materials and paint that creation. After watching sunset, we take no time on taking shots with the windmills. We spent an hour in this hill before heading down to the rock formations. So we took a break and have our free breakfast sponsored by our engineer professors. 


Burgos Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

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