Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TRAVELOGUE: Once again with El Kabayo Falls

(Oh-la-la! Ola my sexy sister!)

I admit that I got tons of draft post and forgot to publish it last year. I've been in an awesome adventure last 2014 with family and friends. And this post was the continuation or part 2 of my El Kabayo Falls.

ONCE AGAIN, I'm back in this hidden falls of El Kabayo. I've already posted about this falls and since my cousins visited us, we were triggered to take a dip in this place again.

On this adventure, I succeeded on jumping on that high cliff as you can see on the photo. YES! I jump that cliff. It takes 15-30 minutes for me to pray, doubting if I will really going to jump. And ended up jumping once and never tried again. The reason why I'm scared on jumping that cliff is that there's a boulder at the side of the falls. We need to jump far so we won't hit and kill ourselves.

Sitting on that edge of the water is fantastic. A little bit slippery, but refreshing since the water is cool. Thanks to my ADIDAS dryfit I can swim comfortably. Last time, I only wear shorts and corset type but this time I decided to wear something to cover me up.

I do enjoy nature and adventures. Hope on my next adventure I'll try surfing! I really want to surf and do some water sports. See you again !


El Kabayo Falls, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines


  1. I haven't been that close to a falls before. Looks so much fun :)

  2. The pictures definitely showcase the beauty of the place. I'm not much of a travel junkie and I think I wouldn't survive off the grid/nature trips as of yet haha. Thanks for sharing. Seeing the pictures makes me think I went there without having to leave home haha.

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  4. Wow! El Kabayo has falls din pala. All the while I thought it's only a stable. Must visit soon since it's near our place. :)

  5. Nice adventure. =) In your 1st post about El Kabayo falls, I remember na I ask you bakit tinawag syang El kabayo? I forgot to check your reply na eh.. Anyway, bakit nga ba? ;)

  6. I'm so jealous. I wanna visit this place soon!


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