Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bad Girl LA!

Recently, We experience too much drama!
Too much stress in school. Too much hassle in life.
Yet I've face those and learned more.
Heartbreaks. Pressure. Loneliness. Downfalls.
I cope with that last few months. But these things didn't let me ruin myself.
It even made me stronger and better.

Since I'm too bored and still on the verge of designing my room, I find a happy time with my cammy.
Whilst painting the wall, I took time to get some risky shots.

Oh I love this shirt especially the words written on it. It's too fitted to me so I decided to cut it out.
It ends up just the way I like.

A series of photographs. Some are blur yet I love the effect of the blur on the picture.

Here's some of the edits from my friend:
Joey Rey Joshua A. Galope (Instagram: @joshgalope)



Ashley's Bedroom

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  1. a lot of teddies... cool
    nice room
    my new post

  2. Loving the photos!! ..and the mural at the back! so cool! :)
    -- you did it yourself?

  3. Love this girl! You totally nailed it!

  4. You have a thing for cutie bears :)

  5. I think you can experiment more with the back lighting from your window for your next shoots. Btw, I'm loving that DIY free design on your wall, it looks very tumblr worthy.

  6. I love the photos! I also own a pair of round glasses :) I like what you did on your wall! Is it a decal or you painted those?

  7. I also have a teddy bear when i was still young. It did not last because me and my siblings like to play teddy fight a lot :-).

  8. I love the look of your room, girl! :)
    Great photos too of your outfit.

    Aileen -

  9. Great Photos & Nice #OOTD, You Rocks!!! #ILoveDatingWithALadyGangster :D

  10. Love the painting in the wall! I miss playing with my camera, I also did this when I was younger Haha :)

    Visiting from :)

  11. Love what you did with your room! Decorating can be a good stress reliever. :)

  12. Your bedroom reminds me a lot about my bedroom when I was younger. I wish I can still put my stuffed toys in bed with me. But with hubby and little boy sharing our bed, there's no more space!

  13. Damn. Nice outlook on what you've done on your room. So femmer (well, Now I'm sounding gay here. Haha!) yet so rebel-looking. I admire the mix.

  14. Remember always that life is a continuous processes of likes and dislikes, passion and fame, wealth and health...and the list is endless. You made your moment with these awesome posing in front of cam.

  15. Hot pics for a hot mom! Remember to always have faith and think positive in life. Whatever problems we have, time will come that things will be better.

  16. OMG cool artwork! I wish I was allowed to paint on my wall :))

  17. Love your blog .. n that DIY on wall is so cool .. thanks for sharing :)


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