Monday, June 9, 2014


Hello adventure friends!
How's your day?
It's my first day of school today, but before going to school here's the continuation of my tour in Baguio City!

Third Stop: STRAWBERRY FARM, La Trinidad

After visiting the Chinese Temple, we headed to the farm.
Yes! This is a famous and a well known farm here in the Philippines.
I'm so excited picking those strawberries!

As you can see, this is a really huge farm and they also planted some vegetables here.
 unique experience for the whole family, you get to pick fresh strawberries -- right alongside the Ibaloi farmers

You must try their STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM!
It is made with pure and fresh strawberries, so the taste is different from the normal strawberry icecream we buy in stores.

They also sell fresh pick strawberries. You can buy the sealed ones or you can choose by yourselves.
It is also have a cheap price.

Take note: If you're going to make it as a pasalubong, you must buy strawberries the day you're going home. Because If you're going to buy the day before going home, it has a possibility to melt or rot easily due to its freshness and it is not yet preserve unlike in markets.

You must try the'r strawberry jam too. I really love it!
I always pair it with peanut butter in bread.

And now we are going to pick strawberries!!
When you pick strawberries they also have a rate.
300 php per basket of strawberries and you can go as many as you are.
Me and my classmates decided to go as one.
So in total, we're atleast 22 person. We didn't mind the small basket of strawberries on how are we going to divide it, We just want to experience how to pick strawberries.


If you want to buy souvenirs, Mines View is the perfect place for that. 
Lots of cool items can buy here plus the awesome view of the mountains because it is place at the cliff of the mountain.

When we got there lots of Koreans visit the place. (Annyeong!)

After shopping in Mines View, we can head back to our hotels or go wherever we want.
Let's go to the mall!


I really don't eat too much candies but me and my cousins love buying weird candies since we were little.
WONKA candies are one of our favorites.

SInce I'm in Baguio, I need to hangout and see my highschool classmates too.
Guys, meet Rhyda. 
She's one of my best friends in my highschool days although she decided to study here in Baguio,
and I was left in our hometown in Subic.

Time for clubbing everyone!

------Goodbye to Baguio tomorrow :'<


  1. I went to Baguio on April 17-20, 2014. But never got the chance to go to the infamous Strawberry Farm. :C Booo booo.

    1. Visit the farm when you go again to Baguio miss Mau :) Its a great experience

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