Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another Year for Adventure

We say goodbye for 2013 already, and welcome another year ahead.
So many memories and great things happen in the year 2013 for us right?
Each of us had their own unforgettable experience in that year.
And now we are facing another journey in our life.
Another chapter for us to fill with different ideas, memories, and experience.

Before we proceed in filling our 2014 life, let's take a glimpse about our 2013 life.
I know this post is late but I can't disregard posting this 'cause 2013 is a very memorable thing for me, and for my fellow Filipinos.

Now, here's a glimpse of my 2013 memories:

1. JANUARY: Facing My fear

A great way to start 2013 is to enjoy self in an amusement park. Where me my cousins decided to go to Star City before we fetch our niece in the airport.
And one of my greatest fear in life is HEIGHTS!
I'm seriously afraid of heights and can't stand enough when I can't see the ground near me.
But when I see this ride, I'm half scared and half interested to ride on it.
Since my sister and cousin love to try all the rides and they're not scared,
I'm forced to come with them.

And here it is the great "Star Frisbee"

Our faces before the ride starts

  Our pale faces after the ride :D

2. FEBRUARY: Baguio City Tour

This is an EPIC TRIP I had.
Every year Engineering students have a tour to different places.
We mostly visit sites and fields that are connected in our course.
And this year our administration decided to visit Ambuklao Dam in Baguio City.
First, we stopped by at Masinloc Coal Plant then headed straight to the cold city: BAGUIO CITY!

I really do love the weather in Baguio because it’s cold and got the right temperature.
Since we’re not fit in one hotel so there are 3 hotels that’s been occupied by us students.
The 3rd year Civil Engineering students (which I belong) stayed in AJ Pension House in Jungle Town, Baguio.
The cosy ambiance of the Pension House is great.
It feels like you’re at home.
We are also free to go where ever we want but we just make sure we go back to our designated hotels.
This trip is also a chance for us students to have a break from heavy stress from school.

3. MARCH: Birthday Work

This year I turn 19 and my last year of being a teen. Gosh!
I'm getting old!
But this year is unforgettable.
Since It's my birthday I,m supposed to relax my self, enjoying the day, going out with friends or family, and even eating out (food trip :D )
BUT! I stay awake from March 2 up until March 3 doing our project. huhu
My groupmates come over to my house to do the work there.
We need to finish our Resort plan and need to do its electric layout.
This is so stressful since all of us are civil engineering students.
We need to study the electric things!
(Electrical engineers, Help!)

(A table full of plans and stuffs. So busy!)

My mom cook something foor us and my loving friends bought me a chocolate syrup which, sometimes, used for chocolate fountains.

 (marshmallow and crackers!!! nom nom)

Despidida Outing for Niece

My first and precious niece is already leaving.
She’ll be living in Macau with her father.
I’m going to miss her!
So we headed for a swim for her party.
     Yey for sunburns!
All of my relatives are here and it was a blast.

 4. APRIL: Birth of my Fashion Blog 

I started having a blog last 2012 but stopped due to hectic school schedule.
I returned this April 2013 and that's the start of my fashion blog.
I do love having a blog where I can post and share my fashion ideas.
And this year it gives me a chance and opportunity to do what I want.
Even though I'm quite busy with my course, I still manage do post articles and style.

Got all this look in this year. I'm still starting up in this fashion world and I hope I can succeed.

APRIL: Reunion with Highchool

(My fatty face and my golden hair. I miss it!)

It’s been a long time since we didn’t see each other.
So some of us decided to throw a swimming reunion!
But not most of us are there because of schedules.
We end up picking “THE CLIFF” resort here in our place.
Yes, the resort is located at the cliff of the mountain.
It has pool and you can go down and swim by the beach.
A very nice and awesome place for every event!

5. MAY: An ILOCOS trip (A Family Vacation)

Family Vacation!!!
I love having an out of town trip with my family.
It is a time to relax and have an adventure.
So we travel the northern part of Luzon, Philippines.
And our destination: ILOCOS REGION

First, we stopped at Vigan City,

It is an antique place and very historical because there are places that’s been preserve about our history.

After a night with Vigan City, we now headed for the beach!
A clear, fine sand of Pagudpud!
The place is awesome!

6. JUNE: Baguio trip again

Hello to Baguio City again.
We stayed here for 3 days in my auntie’s place.
This is not a vacation actually, we’re just going to help my sister bring all her things in her place.

She’s staying here for her college.
So sad I’m going to miss her.

PICE Midyear Convention Summit

A great opportunity comes when we’ve volunteered in the PICE Midyear Summit.
It is a summit where all the civil engineers of the Philippines gathered in a special event.
Great people and I gained many lessons from them.
It was enjoying at all.

7. AUGUST: Engineering Acquaintance Party

This is an annual event in engineering.
We always spend some time to party and get to know each other either you’re a higher year or a lower year.
This is a night event for us to enjoy, meet our co-students and have some fun.

 8. OCTOBER: Passing my major subjects.

Seriously, I'm having a hard time in my studies right now.
The subject is already giving me a heart attack and mind blowing problems.
I'm one semester late and I hope I can be a regular next school year.
Luckily I passed my subjects especially the Strength of materials.
yes, I am a Civil Engineering student and it is really hard to pass all the subjects in this course (but there's an exception if you're a genius :D )
In this subject I have a great and awesome professor Engr. Michael Gura,
who's also a former student in my school and a topnotcher in Civil Engineering board examination.
Imagine he's the top 3 in all the board takers in the entire Philippines.
I really admire him. He's humble and down to earth.
When you first see him, you'll never imagine that he is a professor.
He never hesitates to answer all the questions we have,
and even give us some tips on how we can manage our studies.

9. NOVEMBER:1st year anniv

Nowadays, relationships are not that serious and I’m so lucky to find someone who loves me so much despite my flaws.
This year we turned 1 year.
A year full of ups and downs, and adventure in our relationship.

10. DECEMBER: Christmas

Christmas is the most awaited event in our lives.
This is a way to celebrate the birth of Christ with your love ones.
This is also a day for foods!
Don’t mind the diet and just eat.

Kram’s Christening

I attended the christening of my boyfriend’s nephew.
Baby Kram is so adorable and CUTE!
He always smiles at me and wants to play with me.
Welcome to the Christian world baby Kram!

I hope this year will be great and exciting.
New adventure, new hope, new dreams, and new life to make.
Godbless everyone!


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  5. I've never been to Star City because we're afraid to try the rides. Based on your experience, it must be fun! Expect a long while in line though.

    1. I'm also afraid in rides especially when it comes to height. I really do fear heights. But that time I got interested and give it a try. It is definitely fun :) You must try it. But yeah, expect a long line -__- hehe. Thanks!

  6. You had a great year and I'm glad it was fruitful! Haven't tried that ride yet coz I'm scared :))

    1. Thank you :) I'm also scared at rides but I just tried it and it's fun yet it makes me dizzy. And I visit your blog. kya! you're an anime lover! I'm going to watch some in your list :)

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  10. You had a great year but unfortunately 2013 was not so good for me.

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  11. You seemed to have quite an adventurous year. You have such a lovely blog and you are only 19!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope my blog will grow and meet new people :)
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