Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Its been a while since me and my girlfriends hangout.
We've been bombarded with school stuff and makes our head explode!
I've been stress with the exam, when my professor text us that the exam was cancelled.
I'm feeling rejoice and relax at the same time.
Yet there's still a problem:
She hasn't explain and give lecture about our exam.
So this is a call for SELF STUDY!

I really hate self studies.
I'll be stock with tons of questions in my head.
For me to understand this lesson is to ask my classmates about this and that.
Luckily, my girlfriends got a bright idea!

CASE 101: Study Hydrostatic Pressure On Surfaces


Review while we grab a cup of lattes!
All these days I've been going to Starbucks.
Starbucks is really great and I do love their coffees.
But today, we decided to try another cafe:


(c) Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
"In 1963, Herbert B. Hyman started The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. His dedication to finding and serving the best coffee and tea in the world made him the founding father of gourmet coffee in California. 
Now, nearly 50 years old, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has grown into one of the largest privately-owned, family-run coffee and tea companies in the world. Along the way, The Bean, as it is affectionately known, has become the model for a successful coffee and tea company.  
Since 1963, we have continued to search the earth for only the finest and rarest loose-leaf teas and premium coffees. Today, we proudly offer over 22 varieties of coffee and 20 kinds of tea. Over the years, we have worked hard to build relationships with individual farms and estates so that we can be assured of the best coffee and tea harvests available. Our coffee is roasted fresh daily in small batches in a manual European roast style, then packed using state-of-the-art equipment for shipment in our own roasting facility and delivered fresh daily to our stores. "
CBTL, or known as Coffee Bean & Teal Leaf, welcomes you with a sweet-bitter scent of coffee.
That sweet aroma of the coffee beans makes you crave for a cup of coffee.
CBTL provides an excellence performance and serves you happiness.
All I can say I can hang out here all day.

We order 3 large cup of flavored latte since the weather is quite cold.
I love Fraps but now let's see the taste of latte.

For me I ordered a Double Chocolate Latte, while my friends grab a Mocha Latte.
We also decide to put it in a cup where we can bring it when we stroll around the mall.

(photo not mine. Credits to the owner)

Their signature Espresso with steamed milk, foam, and their signature powders.
It has a taste of different delectable flavors like Mocha, vanilla, White Chocolate Dream, and Double Chocolate.

Taking selfies and more. Next time I'm going to bring my camera for a full cafe details.

Thanks MIA CASA for my customized necklace. I seriously love it!
Check her site for fab accessories. Just click the name.

I really love their comfy chairs and tables. It is very unique and very cozy.
You and your friends can really hang out here.

Oh! Let me introduce this mouth-watering dessert I tried.

The Chocolate Banana Muffin!
A sweet, moist & filling, muffin that is stuffed with real chocolate chips and banana from top to bottom.
You won't waste a thing in this muffin.
Their muffins are generously big in size unlike other muffins.

CBTL makes their pastries fresh every day in their very own commissary.
Just like their coffees, they use fine ingredients and their own way of baking.
They are very choosy on what to use because it will result to a great outcome.

CBTL's caring cups!
I also write something in my cup. Check it out on my Instagram (here)

Look at this yummy thing! We've got a free yogurt!
It really taste good!

I've been inlove with my customized necklace and bracelet from Mia Casa!

Check out their site: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Until Next Time :*


  1. Its great to find way to study and perk you up also trying new place to eat and drink like in this case the coffee who will not want to try coffee from a company that has been around 50 years or more they must be expect with amazing cups of different flavor coffee I will not mind going there. Great post as always.

    1. Yes. It is a great way to study because you also enjoy the company of your friends. Thanks for the comments miss Jackie :)

  2. Hey! cant see you of gfc... please follow and let me know.. will follow back! ^__^

    1. Oh why? well, I already did follow you at GFC and click Join This Site button on your blog. Please do follow me back. It means a lot. Thanks!!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog

    1. welcome and thanks for passing by and leaving comment too.

  4. looks llike a lot of fun. i love to scribble on my coffee cups!

    1. Yea it is really fun. Ow me too! I always bring my cups home and draw some doodle on it :)

  5. I suddenly missed my college days, when I used to hangout with my friends at CBTL in Gateway. :) O, I like your customized necklace!

    1. school days :) Oh Thank you! I got it in a giveaway. It's from Mia Casa

  6. Chocolate blue berry muffins! yum! I love coffee bean gateway when I lived near there before. And I also love self-study. I know you don't that's fine. For me though, there is something liberated with just having your own thoughts on something. Even if it's wrong in the eyes of the exam. hehe

    1. Muffins in CBTL is really yummy :) Me and my classmates always do self study but since our course is engineering, sometimes there are subjects that requires discussion before you further understand it. We always check tutorials and read books at our library.

  7. There's no CBTL here in our place. I hope they will cater to provinces as well. Or better yet, mag-Franchise kaya ako. Haha. No budget!

    1. Oh I wish your place could have one :) Where's your location? pwede naman po magfranchise soon? :)

  8. Love to drink coffee everytime I'm stress. And also, I love to hang out in coffee shops.

    1. yep. sometimes, Its a great way to relieve stress

  9. oohh! coffee bean and tea leaf! I worked there before! nice post you have here sweetie!! :)

    1. Seriously miss Jaqui? You work in CBTL? I really want to work in coffee shops, even part time because I'm still studying. Is it fun working in coffee shops?

  10. I have always preferred the Coffee Bean over Starbucks! I just think their beverages have more flavor! Lovely floral top! Looks like you girls had a blast ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

    1. You're right miss Carsla. I think CBTL is quite better than Starbucks. Thanks a lot :)
      I love your site.
      It's so awesome!


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