Thursday, December 5, 2013


Just visited a site a month ago because of a giveaway from a certain blog.
I signed up on their site and never thought it was a wonderful site.


StyleScan is a style driven platform that let's you discover, share, and shop the latest in fashion!

"StyleScan is a fashion forward website destination that gives you a styling experience from head to toe.  We don't just sell merchandise, we show you how to style it several different ways.  As we all know, you can look dynamite by just pairing the right colors or styles together.  If you're not an expert, don't worry, StyleScan will take care of it.  If you're style is feminine, we'll show you how to style our clothes feminine.  If it's not, we'll show you how to stye it edgy!  We got you covered." 


I also emailed them and they're very nice and approaching.
They answer all my questions and didn't ignore me.
Even though I know they're busy because they also starting up.
They still manage to reply on my emails.

When I check their site.
They shows different ways about fashion tips.

They got apps for iPhone but still working out on android phones.
(So sad i'm an android user. But I'll wait for this app)
actually they started as an app for iPhone and due to demands they make their own site.
Whenever you bought an item and don't know how to wear or style it.
 You can see the app and search on how to style it up.

They also had their blog:

Check them guys and you might get interested on them.

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  1. How cool thank you for sharing sweetie. Have a great weekend.


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