Friday, April 12, 2013


Late post :D

How's your Holy Week guys?

Holy Week is too early this year. So our class ended up so early. Holy Week is a time for  contemplating and a week for God.  As our family's routine every Holy Week, we have this so called "panata". We always visit the grotto of Mabayuan in Olongapo City. And take a tour around Castillejos up to San Marcelino, Zambales to watch "penetensya" or public penance which is common in our country. 

You can feel the summer breeze already. The scorching sun really encourages you to wear comfortable and fresh clothes. So i decided to wear a summer outfit for today. 

Top: Aeropostale | Wide Pants: given by my auntie | bag: Louis Vuitton | Korean fedora hat: SM Accessories

Sunnies: SM Accessories | Necklace and Bracelets: Chic Kikay | Peace Sign Bracelet: Fudge Rock

Slippers: Planet

Agh! My skin tone color is still tan. But I still enjoy summer :) I also dyed my hair this vacation, just for a change 'coz I never dyed my hair back then. I usually let it be natural black.

Have fun with these ladies (left: my cousin/bestfriend, right: my oh-so-taller-than-me sister) I also design and choose what they are going to wear that time. yey! for me :)


Have a blessed week guys :)

chie :*