Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Year-End Partey!

While sorting out photos on my hard drive, I see these unforgettable pictures I had before 2014 ends.
I just forgot to post this here on my blog since I have no time writing and sorting photos.

This is the 5th time we have our year-end gathering or reunion with high school batchmates. And this is the first time I'm going to attend. Imagine? I'm absent every year-end celebration and this is the only year I found a free time on my schedule.

It's good to see them again. Some of them grew up differently, more mature, and professional. Most of them finished their degree already and are now working. And some of us, yes I'm one of them, still enjoying school life. Lol. Some of us took a long term course like Engineering, Medicine, and Law.

We always plan a house party cos we can do whatever we like and how long it would take us to chat and enjoy. I bet next year I will host the house party. And hope lots of us will come since this year we  end up atleast 25 attendees. 


This is my uncle from my father's side. He's also one of my batchmate. I'm surprised that he came and he's here in the Philippines now.

I do enjoy the reunion. And heard a lot of new stories and gossips from my old friends. Highschool friends are the best! Have you been updated with your old batchmates?

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