Sunday, October 27, 2013


Meet my gorgeous best friend <3 Her name is Catherine but I call her "Chyn" as we almost have a common nickname. She calls me "Chie" which is my nickname since I was a kid. I meet her in school when we were elementary and become bestfriends in our high school days.

We usually do sleepovers, hangouts, and sharing stories all the time. She's always by my side every time I needed her the most. But now, she's leaving and heading to Switzerland. I'm going to miss her a lot seriously! When we reach our college years, we often hangout and see each other because of the busy schedules and long distance from each other. She attends different university and I'm all left here in our city.

Before she fly to Switzerland we decided to hangout and have a fun day :) Since it's sunny outside, I decided to wear a simple outfit.

I already blog my outfit last time and here it is. We enjoy the water show in the open space here in Harbor Point Ayala. I feel like running through the water.

I seriuosly love the design and plan of Harbor Point! Soon I will make a plan like this. 

A breath taking view right?

Almost same way of style <3

Me and my bestfriend almost have a same sunnies. And I can't leave without my Fedora.

Top: SM Department Store Fedora & Sunnies: SM Accessories and Ray-Ban

Love the huge mirror in their powder room. Trying to take a shot but failed T^T

Our haggard faces -___- Please do excuse us. I'll surely miss this person. Until next time! tooodless!!

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  1. AWW! Hanging out with friends is always fun! Oh and I love your "One in a minion" shirt! It's so cute! Where'd you get that from? :)

    ♡, M

  2. Yah. That's true especially when you're with your bestfriend :) We got that One in a Minion shirt on a store here in our place. I think some online shops have that shirt


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