Monday, September 16, 2013

Throwback Tuesday

Throwback Tuesday :)
While scanning my documents I found some of these pictures. Take some look guys.

Can't believe I done this thing. I'm a shy type person but then whenever I scan this things I never thought I have the courage to step out of the box. I'm in my 1st year of college that day. My ever so child face -____- Here's a glimpse on my first ever contest during our Buwan ng Wika in our school.

I. Presentation of the candidates

With other candidates and at the same time new friends :)

I just made my own costume. How was it?

We represent our departmen: The college of ENGINEERING!

II. Contest Proper

We need to represent some of our tribes here in our country so I choose the famous IFUGAO Tribes!

having fun shoot with friends :)) 
(left-right: me and collin from Engineering, Kemz and Franco from Architecture, John Florence and i forgot the name from AS-EDUC)

My professor Mrs. Abille got this great idea to use "banig" for our Philippine National costume

Great experience and it boost my courage. 
Be proud on your country :)

Ashley <3


  1. These costumes are amazing. You look like you had fun. :)

    Lauren x

  2. Thank you Lauren :) cool we have the same name. Yea. It really had fun that time. First, I'm so nervous but at the end it was great after all. By the way I followed you :)

    chie <3

  3. Nice costumes, you look great.

  4. Thanks miss Diana :) I follow your blog. Love your posts <3


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